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3 Ways in which an accountant can reduce your stress as an entrepreneur

Posted: May 30, 2016 at 12:01 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

There is an old adage which suggests that we must speculate to accumulate, and while this may seem counter-intuitive it actually makes perfect sense in some scenarios. Let’s say that you are an entrepreneur with a burgeoning business, for example, and are struggling to contain its growth. This will create higher turnover and profitability, meaning that you may need help to manage this transition, drive tax compliance and help to optimise your bottom line takings.

In this instance, your best bet is to invest in the services of a chartered accountant. While this will demand an up-front investment, their role in optimising financial savings and helping you to get the most from your turnover will quickly repay this commitment. An accountant will also ease your stress levels as an entrepreneur, especially in terms of the following:

Accountants can help you to become tax compliant

You cannot avoid taxation, while the rates applied to businesses are constantly changing with every new financial year. Tax dividends recently increased by an estimated 7.5%, for example, and the evolutionary nature of these levies means that businesses can find it hard to remain compliant. An experienced accountant can manage this for you, however, structuring your financial and repayments to ensure that they comply with real-time law. This is one less thing to worry about, so you are instead free to plot a path towards commercial success.

Accountants can stagger your tax repayments to suit your Cash-flow

On a similar note, market leading firms such as Just Accountants will also be able to structure your tax repayments to suit the nature of your business and its cash-flow situation. While you can retain a portion of your weekly or monthly turnover to settle your tax debt, for example, you can also build a viable (and interest-earning) lump sum in your accounts and pay your levy in full at the end of the financial year. This type of small detail can help to ease your stress as a business-owner, while ensuring that you have the maximum cash-flow in your firm at any given time.

Accountants help you to understand the growth and standing of your firm

Aside from compliance and repayment issues, it is impossible to gauge the performance or growth potential of your business if you are unclear as to how much tax your owe or how much profit the venture is generating. With clearly defined figures, costings and taxation repayments, however, you can gain an insight into the precise standing of your business and its potential for future expansion. Although the results may not always be wholly positive, you need never worry that you are continuing to invest in a failing or unprofitable business venture.

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