3 Tips for choosing a desk for a tiny office space

It may be a challenge to set up a suitable work space when you only have a tiny space available. You need to make sure that everything you could possibly need is there, but that it is also designed to make you work more efficiently.

If you buy a desk that is too big, you may feel cramped and uncomfortable in your office and you may not be able to work properly. If you buy one that is too small just because you have a small space, you may not have enough storage for all of your paperwork.

Choosing the perfect office desk is therefore very crucial and should not be taken lightly. Check out some tips you can follow below so that you can choose a desk that is perfect for your office space.

Create a floor plan of your office space – it would be a big mistake to buy your office furniture without actually knowing how much space you have and determining how much you space will be allotted for each furniture. More so when you only have very limited space available. Depending on the kind of work you have, there may be areas that should be prioritized over others. Maybe you are the kind of worker that meets with a lot of clients every day, it is then important that even with a small space, there should be an area where you and your client can meet comfortably. If your work alone but require a lot of storage for papers and other stuff, then you should consider that. After that, you should come up with a floor plan to indicate where each furniture would go. Don’t forget to get measurements so that you won’t make the mistake of buying a desk that may be too big for your space.

Prioritize function over form – you should consider your habit as a worker. Do you do mostly computer work? So you should get one that needs a CPU storage area if you do use a personal computer. See if there are holes for wiring and cables so that it will look cleaner. Do you generate a lot of paperwork in your line of work? That may require you to have a bigger desk surface to put all of those in. You can even get a desk that has shelves for extra storage. There are so many designs available that you might feel overwhelmed in making a choice. That’s why it is important that you look at the function first. Once you have determined the kind of work you will do at your desk, you can narrow down the options so that it will be easier to make a choice.

Consider investing in a floating desk instead – here’s a revolutionary idea that is getting more and more popular these days. Instead of having an office desk, why not buy floating desks?  Unlike the regular desks which can take up a lot of space, a floating desk does not need floor space in order for you to use it. They can also be better for your health, as being sedentary can create havoc on your back.

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