3 Tactics to Gain More Clients from Fort Lauderdale to Miami

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If you are a business looking to grow in South Florida, you need to advertise and promote your product from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. The key is to become a part of the local community and present your service as a solution or need. With the right marketing tools, you can easily attract more customers to your business.

From Fort Lauderdale to Miami: Expanding Your Business

One advantage of doing business in a globalized society like ours is the ability to make and maintain connections across borders with little effort. With telecommunication technology and marketing tactics, it is easy to branch out and gain new customer bases. This makes it possible to do business almost anywhere in the world. And South Florida is one of those places. There are many ways to get clients from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. From marketing strategically to getting a local number through a virtual phone service provider like United World Telecom (www.unitedworldtelecom.com), you’ve got many options available. Here are 3 ways to increase visibility and gain more clients.

1. Get a Local Number

The first part of creating any business is to develop a product that customers will want to buy. Once that is established, potential clients then need a way to reach you. To provide a way for Fort Lauderdale and Miami customers to connect with your business, getting a 754, 954, or 786 area code phone number is a must. A local number from a virtual phone number provider will let you communicate with customers in a different city, state, or country without having to relocate or open physical offices there. 

Area codes 754 and 954 serve Fort Lauderdale, while 786 covers the Miami-Dade County as well as parts of Monroe County. Locals recognize a local number and are more likely to answer a number familiar to them. More importantly, calling another local number is inexpensive and so they are less hesitant to call numbers with their own area code. And, you can advertise within local directories. Additionally, you can use call tracking to identify where callers are calling from. For example, are customers searching for a business like yours online and using your website contact information to call you? Or, are they finding your company in local directories? The bottom line is that getting a 786 or 954 number will open communication pathways with potential clients from Fort Lauderdale to Miami.

2. Optimize Your Website

Another important element to drawing consumers to your service is by creating a strong and functional website. Many businesses underestimate the power of a well-optimized and educational website. Most users looking for services and products are searching on the internet. And so, if you do not have a strong digital presence, you will miss out on a large chunk of potential sales.

A good website is one that provides informational and educational content and is optimized for search engine results. This means applying search engine optimization (SEO) tactics so that when customers look for services like yours, they will find your enterprise quickly in the search results. You can use this website to educate visitors about your products, mission, and more. 

3. Be Active on Social Media

Increase and boost your digital presence with social media accounts. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more to your advantage. Connect with customers, network, answer questions, provide information, offer promotions, and more. More importantly, you can use social media ads to extend your reach and target your ideal audiences. Social media marketing is growing increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes. And this is because it provides an efficient and clean way to increase visibility and awareness.

Add South Florida to Your List of Clients

With these marketing tools and resources, it is quite easy to establish a presence in South Florida and work with clients from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. Most of these digital marketing services can be found online at reasonable rates. Invest in them based on your budget, and gain clients from yet another part of the world.

Meryl D’Sa, a creative writing graduate, explores trends and topics related to travel, business, communication, and more in her work.

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