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3 HVAC Projects To Try This Summer

Posted: May 20, 2021 at 11:32 am / by / comments (0)

Just like us, our HVAC is also on full blast during the summer, especially if you’re living in Colorado Springs or even in Columbia, SC. It’s during summer that the days are long and hot, which urges us to stay inside and feel refreshed with the help of our HVAC. But going inside the house with an ineffective HVAC system is the worst.

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In case you don’t know, doing simple maintenance on your HVAC system is enough to kickstart the cool air experience you’ve always looked for. Performing simple maintenance is also helpful in catching small damages, prevent potentially expensive repairs, and extend the life of your HVAC system.

Below is a simple checklist for you to do to make sure that your HVAC system is up and running during summer.

  • Replace The Air Filter

Replacing the air filter in your HVAC system is something you might want to consider as it’s important for it to be clean and free of dirt particles. Not only does it keep the air you breathe in free from dust, harmful bacteria, pollen, mold spores, etc., it also keeps the indoor air in your home free of irritating odors. You’ll find that when your air filter becomes clogged with dirt and bacteria, the quality of the air you’re breathing in will suffer and this can affect your health. Also, when you change out your air filter in your HVAC, you’ll notice a big difference in the fresh clean smell that comes from your home.

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Changing out your air filter is simple. You can find out how to do it by either talking to a technician at your local HVAC Colorado Springsor heating and air Columbia SC service provider or by doing it yourself. The process is easy. You simply remove the existing filter from the duct that you’re using, cut off the old filter, and put the new one in. It’s important to use the same type of filter that your furnace or heating system uses. This will ensure that your new air filter doesn’t blow dust into your home and irritate your lungs or make your allergies worse.

  • Check The Exterior Unit & Heat Pumps

It’s also important to check the exterior unit of your HVAC every now and then. This can prevent unnecessary problems later on. A lot of people don’t think about this, but regular checks on the condition of the exterior units can help save money. It’s also important to check the condition of the heat pumps when buying any system.

It’s important that you open up the exterior air conditioning unit and check for any visible signs of damage. Look out for any cracks on the exterior walls of the unit. You might also want to check for any signs of water seepage or leaks.

  • Install Programmable Thermostats

One way that’s easy to do and can really help cut down on how much you spend on heating and cooling is to install programmable thermostats on your heating and air conditioning system. Thermostats offer many benefits to homeowners. Not only will they save you money on the amount of heating and cooling that you have to do, but they’ll also cut down on the number of occasions that your house has to go on a hot or cold shut down in the summer because of the weather. There are other benefits as well, but these are two things that most people concentrate on when it comes to installing a programmable thermostat.

When you install programmable thermostats on your heating and air conditioning system you will find that there’s a wide variety of different models to choose from. Most HVAC companies that sell programmable thermostats will offer you a large variety of choices. This allows you to easily find a model that fits the size and style of your home. In addition to offering you a large variety of different thermostats, some companies will also offer you discounts on the cost of the thermostats if you purchase them new rather than used.

Final Thoughts

The most important aspect of maintaining your heating and cooling system is regular maintenance. By scheduling inspections with an HVAC contractor, you can be certain that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit is functioning well and it’s at its peak capacity. With so much riding on this simple process, it’s always wise to trust the experts when it comes to these matters, as they are the most qualified to make sure that your heating and air conditioning unit provides the highest quality service possible.

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