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3 Health Aids You Didn’t Know You Needed

Posted: April 10, 2018 at 2:06 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

As all-natural health products become more and more of a trend, it’s easy to lose track of the various options available. With so many out there, who’s to say what’s the best, what works, and what’s worth it? While not all health products are created equal, and no health aid should be a substitute for medical attention, these three health trends could help to put a pep in your step.

Apple Cider Vinegar

“Yuck.” That’s just about anyone’s first thought. The second is usually, “Surely you don’t expect me to drink the stuff?” While the thought of tossing it back like a vodka shot might send your skin crawling, apple cider vinegar actually has quite a few health benefits–making it a quick (and highly effective) addition to your daily health routine. Apple cider vinegar helps restore your body’s pH levels, regulates blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure–just to name a few! While we should all be somewhere neutral on the pH scale, most of us have an alkaline or acidic inside, and balancing that pH level can help with immune system health, weight loss, cholesterol, acid reflux, and more. There is some good news for those who don’t want to drink it in liquid form. You can find out more about Apple Cider Vinegar Pills here.


You may have never heard of CBD oil, and that’s okay! But in the next decade, you might hear a lot more about it due to the fact that the US government is currently beginning to research the myriad of health benefits that it can offer. As of the most recent studies, it’s been found to have positive benefits on both the mind and the body. CBD oil has been shown to help heal damaged livers, help manage the symptoms of HIV, and even help to fight cancer cells. In addition to the physical benefits, it also helps to relieve anxiety and stress. It’s important to note that although CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant, CBD doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive properties found in marijuana. Before resorting to traditional chemical remedies for your ailment, be sure to research the natural solutions that can help relieve your symptoms. Backed by the validity of scientific research, many reputable vendors have sprung up to support the increased need for natural remedies. The list is fascinating, so even if you haven’t yet investigated CBD oil, you can be sure that you’ll hear more about it in the upcoming years.

Chia Seeds

You might have heard of chia seed pudding. You might have even tried some chia seed jam, but you don’t yet know what all the fuss is about. Chia seeds, small, gray, and unassuming, are a superfood–and there’s a reason for their rise in popularity. The seeds are dense with nutrients and often give a huge energy boost to anyone eating them. The seeds were prized by Aztec warriors for those very properties, who claimed that one spoonful of the seeds could sustain them for 24 hours (now that’s a superfood). High in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and a good source of omega 3, protein, and dietary fiber, chia seeds have just about everything. You can eat them dry or soaked, but soaking tends to help release the nutrients.

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