3 Benefits Of Using a Blog App On Your Shopify Store

According to statistics, there are over 20 million eCommerce sites worldwide, with more being launched daily. In addition, at least 4 million eCommerce use Shopify. Therefore, you must be strategic about marketing to stand above the competition and make significant sales.

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For instance, you can use content marketing to scale your business. This means writing blog posts with relevant information that can turn readers into customers. But just creating blog articles on your native Shopify blog may not be as effective. That is why you need a blog app like Bloggle to deal with the limitations of your Shopify native blog. Here are three benefits of using a blog app especially during free trial shopify.

1. Increases Website Traffic

A Shopify blog app saves you from losing time and money with boring posts that hardly bring in sales. It provides you with a quick and easy way to create unique and interesting blog posts with the potential to convert and increase traffic. So, a Shopify blog app enhances SEO and conversion. In addition, a blog app with an integrated scoring tool is an added advantage.

The scoring tool improves your blog’s search engine optimization with every step and boosts your website’s traffic. In addition, a Shopify blog app is easy to use and does not require SEO skills, yet it guarantees step-by-step SEO improvement. Consumers are careful about buying from brands they don’t know. So, creating blog posts is your only shot at building trust with them.

With relevant and up-to-date content, consumers can better engage with your content and stay on your website for longer. You can also add a comments section because it’s proof that people are engaging, and you can build a community of fans. A Shopify blog app helps you optimize your posts with relevant backlinks and keywords to improve your SEO rankings.

2. Unique Designs

A Shopify blog app provides different sections like columns, images, videos, and products to your blog posts. In addition, you can retain your theme style and fonts, add recommended blog posts and sliders within your article’s body, and integrate with translation apps to reach a diverse audience. Ideally, your goal should be to educate, delight, and entertain customers with high-quality content rather than product promotion. So, the unique designs of a Shopify blog app enhance the visual appeal of your blog and make your site beautiful to behold.

3. Boosts Productivity

A Shopify blog app like Bloggle provides templates that you can use to make the blog post-writing process easy. With custom templates, you save time choosing designs and article layouts. You can then spend this time creating more blog posts. So, you can create more content, schedule your blog posts, and reuse the custom sections and styles that work. In addition, you can import existing blog posts into your Shopify blog app to update them and improve their design.


Ideally, a Shopify blog app improves your blog’s SEO and sales. So, find an all-in-one, design-responsive blog app to have a cost-effective blog within your Shopify website. It is also important to write simple and short sentences and ensure consistency in posting your articles and watch your blog traffic increase, thanks to the Shopify blog app.

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