20 hostels around the world for the student mindset

Hostels are one of the most convenient and cheapest means of accommodation. Due to these characteristics hostels are mostly located near city centres where all other houses are more expensive. They are the easiest way to save money and keep comfort during a trip. These budget-friendly accommodations grab the attention of modern backpackers, free-travellers, and especially students. Particularly in the cities where there are many universities, hostels are one of the two best options alongside dormitories for students to stay.

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Although many students do not prefer to reside in hostels for a long time, there are countless beautiful hostels for the student mindset. Especially exchange students like hostels for their short term of stay in another country. It may seem like there are lots of challenges of travelling abroad, especially to the country you do not know the visa policy about. Pickvisa offers a free database to check the entry requirements of all countries in the world. Do not forget to check it and make your trip abroad more comfortable.

Here is the list of the best hostels around the world for students:

20. The Circus Hostel, Berlin (Germany)

From the rich breakfast buffet to the in-house microbrewery, the lively Circus Hostel hostel has a lot to offer to students. Quality is very important for the hostel. It not only rents rooms to stay overnight but also offers iPods, DVDs and the friendly team is available to its guests day and night with many tips. The events team organizes numerous events every week. Once a month, Berlin contemporary witnesses tell about their experiences in World War II or the times of the Wall, The Circus reveals the ins and outs of the street food scene on tour, and every week there is Berlin street art to discover on the underground tour. By the way, it was widely renovated in 2014, and the rooms were warmly designed. All areas of the hostel shine in the typical colourful design.

19. The Saga Hostel, Oslo (Norway)

The hostel is centrally located and offers a breathtaking view of the sea. It is the perfect base for students, families, and anyone looking to relax and feel at home. Its central location in the heart of the city centre makes it a leader in terms of accessibility when choosing the right place to stay in Oslo. It has several facilities available to use from the open lobby and reception area to the cosy and artistic living area. All are convenient for students. On the ground floor, there is a dining area and breakfast room, where an impressive breakfast buffet is served daily for all guests.

18. The Pop Inn Hostel, Rome (Italy)

It is one of the best hostels in Rome for students. If you do not know too much about the city, I recommend you to choose this hostel for your stay, because the staff is very friendly and will help you to learn everything about Italy’s capital. The shared rooms of the hostel are comfortable enough to rest and silent to relax. Its place also gives an opportunity to reach any part of the city easily.

17. Les Piaules, Paris (France)

Les Piaules is a student and youth hostel managed by travellers. Its owners know a lot about the subject since they have stayed in more than 500 hostels around the world. You can relax in the comfortable lounge with a book from the exchange library. The hostel is located in the Belleville district where you can visit the Eiffel Tower or the historical centre of Paris easily.

16. The Dream Hostel, Tampere (Finland)

It is a centrally-located youth hostel in Tampere, which offers its guests a wide choice of rooms, including shared dorms, private rooms, and rooms for couples. Also, it provides books, magazines, as well as free Wi-Fi, everything necessary for a student.

15. Mundo Hostel, Krakow (Poland)

With its lovely atmosphere, greatly designed rooms, and excellent staff, Mundo Hostel is the best hostel for students who come to Krakow.

14. Leuven City Hostel, Leuven (Belgium)

The hostel is a unique independent youth hostel, which is located right in the centre of the city.

It is ideal for students; the kitchen is well equipped; the use of the internet is free. All guests are entitled to free coffee and tea all day long.

13. Backpackers Hostel K’s House, Tokyo (Japan)

Although it is open to everyone, it is the best place to stay for students who came to Tokyo. The hostel has specialized in this sector for years, and this is not so easy in the city to find such convenient and affordable accommodation. It is located near Kurame metro station, so it is a better place to explore the city. It has shared rooms equipped with 6-8 beds, plus private rooms with a bathroom. It is considered as a fancier student and youth hostel. Free Wi-Fi is available all day.

12. Planet Traveler Hostel, Toronto (Canada)

It is a magnificent place in Toronto which is totally eco-friendly. The hostel’s heating system is geothermal, and electricity is from solar energy. It offers comfortable rooms for students who wish to stay there.

11. The Carpe Noctem Hostel, Budapest (Hungary)

Carpe Noctem (“Seize the night” in Latin) offers not only a bed and a roof over your head but also a community. It’s perfect for hanging out and meeting new people. You are part of a hostel culture and get as much of the city as possible during the day and night. If you are a new student in the city, this hostel is more suitable for you to get to know around and make new friends. Its location allows guests to find out everything about secret corners, pubs, restaurants of Budapest.

10. International Student Center Youth Hostel, New York (US)

It is located on the Upper West Side of the city. The hostel is a very peaceful and cosy place for students to stay and enjoy student life in New York. Additionally, the hostel is located near Central Park.

9. The Hostel Eleven, Brno (Czech Republic)

Hostel Eleven is located in the historical centre of Brno and is an ideal starting point for discovering the beauties of this student city. It offers both shared bedrooms and private rooms and has an equipped kitchen on each floor.

8. Botanika, Uppsala (Sweden)

It is the best hostel in the city, particularly if you are studying at Uppsala University. There is only a 10 minutes’ distance between them. It has both shared and private rooms where you can stay harmlessly.

7. Kremlin Lights Hostel, Moscow (Russia)

It is an excellent hostel near the centre of the city and an ideal place for students of Moscow universities. The hostel is located in an old historical house built in 1986.

6. The Domme, Dubai (UAE)

The Domme is the most stylishly designed hostel in Dubai. Also, its location and amenities are suitable for students. The hostel is halfway between the airport and the city centre which gives guests an opportunity to access it easily. Breakfast and the internet are free of charge, and free bikes are provided. If you are a student in Dubai, do not miss the opportunity to stay at this wonderful hostel.

5. Peking International Youth Hostel, Beijing (China)

It is the most popular and perfect hostel in Peking for international students to stay. As a special service, the hostel offers free Wi-Fi and having lunch by looking at the botanical garden. With its coziness and amenities, the hostel is one of the best hostels in Beijing which has any size and kind of rooms depending on the request of guests. From the hostel, it is easy to access the historical part of the city and the Great Wall. 

4. The Wombat’s City Hostel, London (UK)

Located in Whitechapel, the hostel is the perfect place to stay for a long term and drop anchor to explore London’s famous attractions. Its staff is very friendly and offers a welcome drink. If you are a student in London, you can choose to stay here.

3. Sungate One Hostel, Madrid (Spain)

It is right in the centre, very close to the main historical places of the city. With its location, comfortable and spacious rooms, it is the best hostel in the city for students.

2. The Old Jaffa Hostel, Tel Aviv (Israel)

It is ideally located and has a very friendly staff to help you in Tel Aviv. You can find any kind of room, including shared dorms, private rooms, and apartments. You can enjoy the convenience and focus on your student life.

1.The Clink NOORD Hostel, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

The hostel is located in Badhuiskade street and near to the city centre. It is known as one of the most famous hostels in Amsterdam for its cleanliness and the place of location which allows exploring neighbourhoods. Also, it is the best hostel in Amsterdam for students; it has a huge selection of books with the exchange system. That is why the hostel is preferred mostly by students. The Clink NOORD offers both private and shared dorm rooms for its guests. One more advantage to staying there is that staff is multilingual and you will not have language problems.

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