10 Facts about Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification That you Didn’t Learn in School

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PRINCE2 is a project management technique. It is a compulsory prerequisite for project management certification in quite a few countries. Thus, it gives you an advantage over other project management specialists worldwide. There is an increasing demand for Prince2 Foundation Certification due to rapid technological development.

Through reviewing the Prince2 Certification Requirements, you’ll get a good understanding of what’s required to become a Prince2 credential holder. Also, you will understand how Prince2 Learning can help you achieve your objective. In case you want to discover more about it or decide whether it would be useful for you to take its Certification or not, there are ten facts that you should understand that may help you make a decision.

1. Prince2 has three levels of qualification 

There three Prince2 qualification levels that you can undertake:

Foundation: It is an entry-level certification with no prior knowledge or experience.

Practitioner: This stage will educate you on how to operate and manage a project. It has specific requirements, but if you have the Foundation certification, these are protected.

Professional: It is the most advanced qualification level of Prince2 certificate training. It is evaluated by a residential examination center, where you work over a few days via a case study.

2. Prince2 Certification has an Open Book Exam

You should bring your Prince manual with you to the examination room. In case you seek to get all the questions answered in the allotted time, there will be no enough time to peruse through it, searching for answers. However, you can have the main pages labeled so you can read to them quickly.

Note: The examination for the Foundation Certificate does not follow the open book strategy, so avoid getting caught!

3. All the Exam answers are in the Manual

The test is about what is in the Prince2 Manual. It is different from other Project Management Professional (PMP) assessments, in which some of the questions are from other files such as the Code of Ethics.

Unlike PMP, it outlines all the processes and phases of a project and the tasks and obligations connected to it. It does not tell you how to monitor and control the next step in the project. It will ensure that you fully understand all the concepts and procedures of the project and how to handle them. Therefore, managing your exams will be easy.

4. Prince2 Practitioner Exam Tests on Application

Practitioner assessment uses objective Testing. It has many options, but not as you already know. Every question has multiple sections, and each answer may have several parts. The goal is to test your understanding of how to implement the knowledge of Prince2 to a real project. In this case, you have to express your knowledge about Prince2 methods fully. The examiner is more interested in practical understanding more than theory. You must, therefore, display your skills when answering the questions.

It’s a hard exam; however, if you study thoroughly and have familiarity with the objective format of the examination, you will go to the examination room with confidence.

5. It is a Must to Re-Register

Prince2 is not a credential of “take it and forget it.” Like the Project Management Professional certificate, you must hold your Prince2 Practitioner up to date. In case you want to keep on saying you are a licensed practitioner. You are expected to re-register after 3 to 5 years.

Re-registration is done through a test. It is shorter than the regular Practitioner assessment.

6. Prince2 Certified Professionals have multiple job opportunities

Of course, it goes without saying. It is easier for Prince2 qualification professionals to get hired. When compared with their peers who have no certification, Prince2 specialists stand a better chance. Also, it happens when the company is looking strictly for those with the Prince2 certificates.

Certified Prince2 specialists have a good and honored certification board to back them.

7. Prince2 Processionals can Work in All Industries

Since PRINCE2 is a methodology for project management, it is not related to any specific form of business or organization. You can use it in any company, in any sector, and any level of projects. This dramatically extends the future project areas of operation. It implies that regardless of which field you are in, the size of your firm, the region you are in in the world, Prince2 can be adapt and match your requirements. Unlike Six Sigma and CSM, Prince2 is applicable in all industries, including non-IT sectors. That protects you as a practitioner from limiting your employment in just one region.

Most individuals have the impression that Prince2 is intended only for the IT business. Still, companies such as FESGmBH, a waste management firm, as well as Eurofins, a life science firm, have effectively used Prince2 to handle their programs.

8. Prince2 Certification is Recognized All over the World

Your Prince2 credential is recognized globally. Established under UK Government supervision in the public IT sector, Prince2 is now the de facto project management system in most parts of the world. S It is used today by states, private and public sector organizations across the globe. Its popularity keeps expanding around the world, including Asia, USA, and Africa.

9. You can quickly start Prince2 Certification Training 

The time required to study\prepare and the costs involved is less. The intrusions that it brings into other aspects of your professional life are important considerations to consider when selecting a credential. PRINCE2 provides the unique benefit that you can begin with the preparation for the PRINCE2 Foundation Assessment only. This implies you can have a real Project Management qualification without committing to a large amount of training time and a high cost.

Also, when you’re pursuing the PRINCE2 Foundation certification, you’ll get a thorough summary of what to expect if you want to continue the PRINCE2 Certification in the Practitioner level and beyond. It makes the early step of starting a career in Project Management certification considerably easier.

10. Prince2 has a Proof of Certification

With PRINCE2, evidence of Certification is straightforward to confirm. Credential body APMG International enters all PRINCE2 qualification holders in the formal PRINCE2 Successful Candidate Registry. Everyone can search the registry online. For instance, there’s no need for sending in documentation and copies of PRINCE2 certificates during every job application process.

The electronic register system confirms that you took the exam successfully and the dates you did so. It can be checked by name and number of candidates. When an employer or prospective employer wishes to verify your PRINCE2 qualification, include your candidate number and link.

In Conclusion, professionals learn and start using PRINCE2 training to apply more persuasive, more productive Project Management skills. You will understand the methods, terminology, structure, conventional processes, and procedures implemented by a considerable number of project managers. Also, you will learn all the skills necessary to design, implement, monitor, maintain, and execute projects effectively. Once the training is complete, you will have to either take the exam with your training company or take a public test. There is no time-consuming and complex verification procedure. Also, there is no need for an evaluation of your submission, such as when applying for the PMP assessment. Apply for Prince2 Foundation qualification today and start your learning journey.

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