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Publishing Books on the Prairie with Butterfield Books and Linda Hubalek

Posted: October 24, 2012 at 7:35 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Linda Hubalek who has written and published ten historical fiction books through her company, Butterfield Books Inc. on the prairie joins Enterprise Radio. She has also raised buffalo and welcomed visitors from around the world to her Visitors Center, besides working in other agriculture sectors.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Linda Hubalek discuss the following:

  • First- you’ve had several careers in your lifetime. Is there a connecting thread through all of this?
  • Besides books, what else have you written?
  • How has the book industry changed, and how has it affected your business?
  • How have you been able to keep your books in print for 20 years?
  • How has ebooks changed your publishing?
  • What tips do you have for other entrepreneurs that want to write or publish books?

Duration: 10:33

Linda Hubalek has a degree in horticulture, and had careers in both agronomy research and floristry. When her husband’s job moved them to California in 1990 for a two-year assignment, Linda wrote stories about her ancestors and the land they homesteaded to satisfy her homesickness.  The first book became a best-seller, prompting Hubalek to write more books for her readers, and build her own publishing company, Butterfield Books Inc. The company obtained a mail-order business of 250 books about Kansas in 1996, and sold that division in 2002.

Two more moves and life changes brought Hubalek and her husband back to Kansas to raise American buffalo and build a tourist visitors center, complete with an annual maze and pumpkin patch in the fall. Through it all Linda has continued to sell her ten titles for the past twenty years. Since selling the bison herd and land in 2010, Linda is back full-time to promoting her books to a new generation of readers.

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