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Flora Pringle: Innovation in Candy – healthy candy that’s good for you

Posted: December 22, 2016 at 8:26 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Flora Pringle

Flora Pringle, a scientist, mompreneur and healthy candy innovator joins Enterprise Radio. She founded Cracked Candy which is a naturally, sugar free candy that is good for teeth.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Flora Pringle discuss the following:

  • Can you tell me how you came to start your own company – what is your mission?
  • What’s behind the name – Cracked Candy?
  • When you say guilt-free are you referring to the sugar content in most candy?
  • What’s unique about your products?
  • Where can you buy Cracked Candy?
  • Any tips for people thinking about becoming entrepreneurs?

Flora Pringle is a marketer, scientist, wife, mother and passionate guilt-free candy maker. She founded Cracked Candy in Brooklyn, New York 3 years ago after moving from England where she had been teaching science.

The mission of Cracked Candy is to provide a healthy, great tasting, natural candy that gives you all the taste and indulgence you want in a sweet treat without the harmful effects of sugar.


We love candy, it makes us happy. The average American consumes around 160lbs of refined sugar every year. But sugar related illnesses including obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders and tooth decay are sweeping the nation. As a mother Flora wanted to find ways to treat her family without compromising on health. So she took on the challenge of creating a truly delicious, yet totally guilt free candy that tastes great and is good for you, that does not promote tooth decay and is made from natural ingredients.

Using her scientific background, love of cooking and eye for design, Flora experimented in her kitchen and finally cracked the perfect recipe. The candy is made in sheets and hammered into hundreds of little pieces. Around 60 perfectly unique pieces are in each collectable tin. So it seemed more than fitting to call Flora’s discovery Cracked Candy.

Flora wanted to create a brand that is good in every sense, so Cracked Candy provides work for people with disabilities in her local Brooklyn community.

Flora has pioneered a whole new kind of candy that makes it healthy to eat without losing the fun and the taste – which is what makes candy such a fun part of our lives.

Available in premium grocery stores including Mrs Greens, West Elm Market, New York Whole Foods stores, Eataly and



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Twitter: @Cracked_Candy

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