Workplace Giving’s Effect on Employee Engagement

Do you want to boost your company’s employee engagement through company giving? Many workers today wish to be more involved in company giving and participate in different events and activities to boost their company’s culture and workplace satisfaction.

Today’s workforce is more likely to find jobs at socially responsible organizations. One way to achieve this goal is through a charitable giving program.

The benefits of such programs and activities can involve factors like happy workers and the company’s core values. Even remote teams can “give back” through virtual campaigns.

Read on to learn some ways company giving can help boost employee engagement.

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More Flexibility and Ease

As company giving has recently increased, the companies’ tools for maintaining such programs have evolved. As a result, companies have more flexibility and ease in managing giving programs, also called philanthropy programs.

For example, companies use workplace giving tools to track the impact and approve giving. Hence one central location streamlines each program component.  

An automated and centralized process for tracking the workplace giving program saves a company’s time and keeps programs operating efficiently. That result, in turn, can benefit employees.

Increased Employee Happiness and Wellbeing

People sometimes refer to the emotional rush you feel after showing kindness as a “helper’s high.” Doing acts of kindness may provide benefitslike:

  • Lower stress
  • Improved well-being
  • Longer life

The key is to get employees significantly more involved in company giving, even if they don’t donate large amounts to charitable organizations.  

Your employees can team up to perform small acts of kindness, such as the Make-a-Wish foundation. Workers can earn reward points for making social media posts that inspire kids who are awaiting wishes.  

This action can help boost employees’ happiness and their sense of community.

That’s not all! Employees can also feel pride that their employer is striving to make a difference in the community.

Engage Remote Teams Through Virtual Giving

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier for workers to team up and do good. It’s why charity events and volunteer days can be popular among employees. They can join forces for a common cause.

The process can work not only for physical offices but also for virtual ones. Your company can make the process more innovative.

Here are some ideas to get companies started:

  • Order supplies from a charity’s Amazon wish list
  • Begin a virtual mentorship program
  • Encourage employees to donate blood through a virtual blood drive
  • Use social platforms to increase awareness of charities

You can also find ways to make a remote volunteering experience more fun. For example, give a prize to the person who collects the most donations.  

Launching a virtual volunteering campaign can seem complicated. So, you can use an employee engagement platform that designs and runs your campaign.

Help Meet Employee Goals and Expectations

Today, more employees expect their employers to provide company giving. Statistics show that:

  • Employees support charities and issues that they care about. Sometimes employees do not participate in a company’s giving program because the causes the institution supports are not ones the workers prefer.
  • Companies believe employee engagement programs can help retain employees.
  • Employees are often more likely to donate if the company matches their donation.
  • The employee participation rate in employer-matching gift programs is often low.
  • Companies may offer paid time off (PTO) for employees who volunteer.
  • Many adults in the United States report that volunteering makes them feel physically healthier. These health benefits may involve improved mood, lower stress levels, and higher self-esteem.

Consumers Prefer Socially Responsible Companies

This factor can benefit employers and employees in terms of workplace giving. Research suggests that consumers prefer socially responsiblecompanies.  

If your company maintains a giving program, it can boost brand awareness. Consumers will more likely support your company when they connect your brand and logo to reputable charities.

Reinforce Company Core Values

Encouraging employees to participate in company giving can help your company’s core values to come to life and be more than a list posted on a wall or a website.

Employees who support their employer’s mission and core values are more likely to put in more effort at work due to motivation. That said, it’s not necessarily an easy process.

Getting workers involved in company giving converts the core values into ones they can practice instead of memorizing.

Employees can make words like “compassion,” “kindness,” and “generosity” come to life through corporate charity.

When the charity program becomes successful, companies should inform the employees. Sometimes employees never see the results of their donations. Besides practicing core values, seeing the results is another way they become real.

Increased Employee Productivity

One study showed that connected teams are more productive. If employees like their company’s giving program, they may strive to be more productive.

After successful implementation of employee engagement initiatives, productivity can improve by 21%. In addition to increased happiness and well-being, employee engagement through company giving can also lead to improve productivity.

Keeping your workers productive is essential. Employees are likely to work faster and more enthusiastically when they are engaged. Visit this page for more tips on creativity, focus and productivity.

The Gallup study also indicated that engaged workers are more effective than happy employees.

Certain Practices Work for Employers

Past surveys suggest that particular practices tend to be more effective among employees for boosting their engagement in company giving, including:

Set Goals for the Workplace Giving Program

Possible goals include:

  • Number of participating employees
  • Number of volunteer hours
  • Amount of match funds
  • Amount of in-kind goods donated

Tools Measure the Program’s Impact

Such tools help companies track all workplace aspects by providing programs, including:

  • Employee donations
  • Volunteer hours
  • Match dollars
  • Company contributions

Promote the Program Through Many Channels

Some options include:

  • Internet
  • Social media
  • Email
  • On-site signs

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