Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Cooler for Your Office

If you are responsible for managing an office, or if you own one, you will agree that there are certain facilities that you have to provide to your workers, so that they can conveniently focus on their work without effecting their efficiency. One of the most important things that your employees need is cold drinking water and the best way to ensure that is to place a water cooler near them. However, unlike your household, there are a few extra factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing a water cooler for your office.

Source of Water Supply

Typically, there are two different types of water dispensing systems available: one thatis connected to your pipelines and have a built-in water filtration system to give you a running supply of clean drinking water. The second type of water cooler relies on bottled waters that need to be replaced every time water runs out. In order to figure out what would work best as an office water cooler, you need to consider how many people will be using the water cooler at a given time. If you feel the water consumption is very high and bottles will needa replacement quickly, then a better option would be to go forone that is connected to your pipelines, howeve, in that case, you will also have to ensure that the built in water filteration system is effective and is adequately maintained.


Placement of your water dispensing system at a workplace matters a lot when choosing a cooler. In many cases, your placement decision will effect the type of dispenser that you will be buying an vice versa. For exampl, if you are buying a water cooler that needs to be connected to a direct source of water supply, you will have to place it near the pipes. However, if such a location is too far and reaching it would be time wasting for employees, then you might have to go for the ones that use bottled water so that they could be placed closer. 

Installation and Maintenance

Of course the dynamics of an office environment is not similar to that of a home. There are numerous people using the equipment on a daily basis but is difficult to maintained like you maintain your home appliances. Unless you have dedicated staff at your office who can keep the maintenance in check, go for a water cooler that requires minimal maintenance. Pay attention to installation requirements too, as certain dispensers such as those connected to yourpipelines, you will requirea skilled plumbing professional. However, there are certain models that you can set up on your own without any assistance.


Some water coolers tend to make noise when the compressor is running for heating or cooling the water. This can cause disturbance for your employees if you intend to place the dispenser closer to their workstation. It is important to check the noise levels of your dispenser in that case. 

Drainage and Cleaning

Water dispensers need a set cleaning protocol to be followed and drainage mechanisms need to be in place so or else you will end up with a pool of water in the area around the water dispenser. This can cause accidents and also an inconvenience for your workers. Make sure you pick a water cooler that is easier to clean.

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