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The Miami New Construction Show with Anita Funtek

Anita Funtek
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Anita Funtek

Anita Funtek is the Founder and CEO of the Miami New Construction Show joins Enterprise Radio. The show is expecting a turnout of more than 100 new construction projects from South Florida, close to 80 real estate-related professionals, and over 35,000 visitors from the United States, South America, Europe, and Canada.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in conjunction with eMiami (Greater Miami Entrepreneurs).

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Anita Funtek discuss the following:

  • Please explain to our listeners about your background and what it is that you do.
  • Tell us how you decided to found the Miami New Construction Show and what is your vision for the show?
  • In what ways are you marketing the event? I understand you have created an affiliate program – how does that work?
  • How do you think this show will benefit South Florida?
  • Please provide a tip for entrepreneurs who are listening that would help either inspire them or get them on the right track leading to success.

Duration: 13:39

Ms. Funtek describes herself as an economist with a passion for real estate. Anita worked at GE Capital in Budapest, Hungary from ’96 – 2000, where she performed in the areas of finance, operation, communication, and quality assurance. In 2002, she left the corporate world and founded her own real estate investment company. The combination of investing and making real estate projects become a reality has always attracted Anita, as she loves the challenge of finding the balance between self-expression, function, aesthetics and profit.

From 2007-2011, Ms. Funtek was asked to served as Chair-Woman for the National Research and Development Foundation, which focused on a wide range of companies research and development projects. The foundation’s primary mandate was to assess and execute innovation projects for top companies such as Samsung, Ecolab, UPC and Heineken, among others.

In late 2011, Anita and her family moved to the US, settling in Miami and quickly setting up their life and business infrastructure, making South Florida not only their home, but a focal point of real estate strategy.  Ms. Funtek has founded and is now spearheading the inaugural Miami New Construction Show, taking place at the end of August. The show is expecting a turnout of more than 100 new construction projects from South Florida, close to 80 real estate-related professionals, and over 35,000 visitors from the United States, South America, Europe, and Canada.

Miami New Construction Show

Web Site:
Twitter: @MiamiNewConstrS

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