Sorbents: An Relatively Easier Way To Clear The Oil Spills

Leaks and spills in factories and industries occur frequently. These events have far-reaching consequences not only on the workers but the whole environment. Various hydrocarbon fuels like propane, diesel, gasoline are present in many facilities. Upon any oil spill or leak, these irritants get exposed to air. As a result, they damage your lungs beyond repair. The fluids like coolant and oils contaminate the land and water bodies, thereby causing immense harm to the environment. 

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These events can be unpredictable, while their solutions are not. You can rely on the methods and remedies such as liquid filtration products sorbents, absorbents, and various other techniques that can control the situation and stop the resulting destruction to a certain extent. 

Sorbents are considered to be an easy approach to help clean and clear the oil spills not only in factories and industries but ships and cargo too. Here is detailed information about sorbents and their role in cleaning the oil spills. 

Different types of sorbents: 

The type, locations, and volume help to coin out what particular variety of sorbents are used to control and contain the situation. Here are the most common types of sorbents and their applications: 

Absorbent pads: 

Absorbent rolls and pads are designed for extended use. They are durable and can accommodate all the foot and equipment traffic resulting from the oil spill. Absorbent pads are best suited for the areas that witness incidental leaks like walkways and aisles. You can also use them to clean underneath equipment. 

These products include non-slippery surfaces. They can hide various type of stains. The absorbent rolls are more like a perforated sheet. You can cut it according to size and use it for future events. 

Absorbent pillows: 

If the spill or leakage is large, absorbent pillows come to escape. These pillows comprise a substance that lets them soak up large quantities of fluids. The advantage of using absorbent pillows is that you can mold them in any shape to fit all the corners and spaces of the spill. Some variants also include cellulose to treat universal spills. 

Absorbent socks: 

You can call absorbent socks one of the most versatile absorbent solutions. They are good in length. This factor allows the socks to be placed on the locations such as leaking tanks and leaking equipment. You can also use them to defend grates and contain spills of any size. 

Just like the pillows, socks, too, can be molded into different shapes and sizes to reach out to the hard-to-reach corners and areas. 

Loose sorbents: 

Using loose sorbents is a cost-effective solution to control oil leaks. They are formed using synthetic and organic materials. Hence, they do not pose a threat to the environment. Loose sorbents are mostly used to clean the areas such as soil, small cracks, crevices, etc. 

You can also use loose sorbents as a part of your final step to clean oil sheen from floors, ships, and other surfaces. 

Here are the necessary factors to consider while shopping for the sorbent products: 

  • Always buy the sorbent in a suitable capacity. 
  • Sorbents come in a variety of applications. Some may float on the top of the water, while others cover a large surface area and are meant for big spills. Consider the application of the sorbent before bringing it to use. 
  • The storage of the sorbent products is another essential consideration to observe. Ensure to maintain a kit that comes with UV coating and a storage container. 
  • The method of disposal of the sorbent is another essential factor to consider. 


When you buy any sorbent product or Absorbents Online, always check the manufacturer’s reputation. Do not compromise on the quality of the product. Compare prices on different platforms before you add a product to your cart.

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