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Inkandescent Radio: David Feldman, executive director, Bethesda Green

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On this episode of the Inkandescent Radio Show, host Hope Katz Gibbs—founder and president of Inkandescent PR and the Inkandescent Group LLC—interviews David Feldman, executive director of Bethesda Green—an organization that incubates green companies, educates the community, and supports a strong local economy that supports green business initiatives.

Our mission at the Inkandescent Group is to promote, educate and inspire entrepreneurs. On the Inkandescent Radio Show, we always ask the question: What’s your story. Today, we are in for a treat because Feldman not only has a great story—he is a man with a mission.

In fact, green is the theme this month, for we also interviewed Seth Goldman, founder of HonestTea, who is our December 2012 Entrepreneur of the Month for our monthly business magazine Be Inkandescent; and we learned that Bethesda Green foundation he the nonprofit organization he started in 2008.

So we wanted to talk to the executive director of the foundation, to learn how Bethesda Green is to make a positive difference for the environment by promoting a strong local economy that supports green business initiatives—and creates green jobs and by advancing sustainable living practices that enhance our quality of life.

“We strive to be the local model for sustainable living,” Feldman explained in our interview. “Our purpose and mission is to bring business, government and community together through programs and services to promote a healthy economy and sustainable living practices in order to reduce our collective impact on the environment.”

He also talked about:

  • The three strategies Bethesda Green uses to accomplish their goals: incubate, educate, and initiate.
  • The achievements the organization has accomplished in the last 5 years — including procuring 15 recycling bins, organized e-cycling days, and launching a biodiesel fuel research project with Montgomery County.
  • The 14 companies currently in the Bethesda Green incubator program—and how you can become one of them.
  • The benefits to being part of the incubator program—including monthly meetings, exposure to expert speakers, collaboration, and mentoring.
  • And whether he is optimistic about the future of the environment.

For more information about Bethesda Green, visit And be sure to read our interview with David, our December Nonprofit of the Month on

And if you are in DC, be sure to stop by the organizations First Thursday Meetups. Details are on, as well as our site,, which lists the best networking events for business that are happening along the east coast, from NY to Miami.

About The Inkandescent Radio Show: What’s Your Story?

Bringing the voices of small business owners to the radio waves is the goal of the Inkandescent Radio Show, which launched in the fall of 2012 on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

Hosted by journalist, publicist, author, and entrepreneur Hope Katz Gibbs, the show will spotlight the Entrepreneurs of the Month featured on her monthly business magazine,—as well as the Truly Amazing Women she has interviewed for her book project,

Hope will also be interviewing the bestselling authors, nationally-renowned artists, and expert columnists featured in Be Inkandescent magazine, and on her popular networking website,, which lists hundreds of the best networking events—and the professionals—in 7 east coast cities. Plus, she’ll be talking to top restaurateurs, chefs, foodies, and hoteliers that she spotlights in her “From Soup to Nuts” reviews.

Promoting, educating and inspiring entrepreneurs is the mission of the Inkandescent Group, LLC — a PR, marketing, design and publishing company that helps small businesses get the visibility they need to glow and grow, So, what’s your story?

If you’d like to be interviewed on The Inkandescent Radio Show, send Hope an email here by clicking here. Be sure to tune in to Hope’s weekly podcast, The Inkandescent Radio Show, which airs every Monday, right here on EPN.

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