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How UK online casinos metamorphose under the influence of technology

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Virtual reality, facial recognition, cars that drive themselves, wearable technology, and the list can go on. But does any of these technological innovations impact the online casino world?

The latest technological innovations are rapidly improving the dynamics in all sectors, including the gambling industry. In fact, it has evolved and changed a lot lately, thanks to the many technological advancements that serve it.

The UK gambling industry was one of the pioneers in adopting technological advancements because it started to integrate everything related to hi-tech two decades ago. Throughout the years, the market experienced multiple shifts with new technologies coming in or disappearing. However, no one can deny that automation affected the sector and powered an incomparable growth. The UK Gambling Commission reported that online casinos had overtaken the brick-and-mortar dens and the National Lottery in 2019. The British casino market shows a change in trend by registering more online players than offline attendants.

The following paragraphs focus on the technologies that power the UK online casino world.

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Mobile technology

The emergence of online casinos has caused a shift in the industry because casino games became more accessible worldwide. British people can choose now from millions of casino sites, many tailored to players from the UK. This means that they can easily find and play on a registered website that suits their requirements. Online casinos provide a wide range of services, from poker to slots and roulettes.

The improvements in mobile technology allow people to use tablets and smartphones to access high-quality services from their mobile devices. Therefore, many UK registered online casinos are optimised for mobile devices to allow their users to play wherever and whenever they want. By creating apps and special online casino promotions the players can get only on mobile devices, the sites have reached a new group that prefers their smartphones instead of a traditional computer.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the hottest trends in the gaming market. Developers have started to create VR and AR casino games that offer a realistic and authentic experience to users. Gamers benefit from an immersive playing experience, and therefore more satisfied with the efforts gambling providers make to meet their evolving needs.

Millennials represent now the largest part of the income-earning group and are interested in everything that implies the use of AR and VR. By integrating these two technologies in their services and pairing them with casino bonuses, online casinos have revived the industry and attracted new players. VR technology creates an authentic experience and allows people to connect with other players. Thunderstruck II, Gonzo’s Quest and roulette are only some of the games that use VR technology to create a completely immersive experience.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Everyone knows that online casinos have struggled with security problems and slow payments for a while. By integrating blockchain technology in authentication processes, they can make the payment process seamless and boost their platforms’ security. The websites that come forward with top casino offers for UK players have adopted the blockchain technology to guarantee their users a secure gambling experience. Cryptocurrencies are also a popular payment option for online casinos, especially when they offer casino bonuses because they make the payment process more efficient, secure and faster. Cryptocurrencies also allow the players to make anonymous payments, which are more important than ever now that all Internet users want to protect their personal data.

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that also allow secure cross-border transactions and therefore needed in the gambling industry because many online casinos that target the British market are based overseas. For areas with strict gambling regulations, they allow people to access their favourite platforms and games. Some of the digital currencies British people can use for their casino games are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most ingenious innovations in the gambling sector. Gambling operators use AI technology to deliver avant-garde solutions as chatbots that can solve players’ problems and communicate with them 24/7. AI can also be used to collect and analyse data essential to customise products for players. When used right, AI can improve customer engagement through the quality of interactions.

Some online casinos use AI to identify problem users and promote responsible playing.

Face recognition technology

In brick-and-mortar casinos, security cameras scan the faces of people to identify unwanted players or criminals. Casinos even have lists of people who are known for scams and use security cameras to scan their faces and detect them before they do any trick. They also use cameras to identify high rollers and VIP guests to ensure they get the best services. Face recognition technology allows casino operators to personalise their guests’ services and treatment and boost their satisfaction level. Online casinos can also use this technology to verify new members and improve the verification process.

Improved safety

Fraud is a large threat in the gambling industry, whether the casinos are online or offline based. But thanks to the latest technological improvements that pair facial recognition with blockchain technology, casinos can keep criminals and scammers at bay and allow their players to have a secure and enjoyable experience. Operators adopt all technologies that promise them to safeguard their businesses, hoping that they’ll limit money loss and attract more players.

Online casinos also use cutting-edge tech to identify if people underage try to access their website and play games prohibited for minors. The video technology alerts the staff who require the players to show their ID to check their age.

Even if artificial intelligence is still in an incipient stage in the gaming sector, online casinos can identify repetitive patterns among their players. When they detect an individual with an addiction, they suspend or freeze their account to protect them from engaging in unhealthy actions.

The advancements in technology allow massive improvements within the online casino sector, from safe payments to the enhanced virtual experience, all making gambling a more thrilling experience than ever before.

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