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How to Broaden your Business’ Influence Online

Posted: September 17, 2018 at 4:19 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

As a business owner, growing your influence online should always be a priority. And it’s for very obvious reasons.

In terms of brand building, investing in your influence online is necessary. People respond positively to a brand that has a valuable message to share or has a relevant solution to offer. If you give your audience something they would want to hear, they will definitely want to know a lot more about your brand.

By growing your business’ influence, you’re not only generating interest, you’re also generating revenue as well. That said, it’s important to focus more on strengthening your clout. These strategies provide a great starting point.

  1. Make your brand search engine friendly

In order for people to know that your brand exists in the first place, it’s important to invest in effective search engine optimization. Your site is basically invisible if you don’t have a robust SEO strategy in place.

Keyword research and planning is important. So, prior to rolling out your content marketing campaign, you should be able to compete for search terms and phrases that can help you drive clicks.

However, SEO is broad area, and to be successful in growing your influence online, you will need to understand the dynamics of search marketing. You can always hire a search expert who can help you along these lines by performing an SEO audit on your site and creating strategies for optimum online exposure.

  1. Focus on building credibility

What stimulates people’s interest towards a brand?

One thing’s for sure, people want to know if your business can provide something of value to them. This goes along with building trust. You just can’t increase your influence online if your target audience isn’t even sure about your brand in the first place.

It’s important then to build credibility, which is a challenge that startups will need to address considering their limited clout.

There are easy ways to increase credibility. Simply engage your audience directly and make sure you create social media profiles that are complete. You also need to invest in branding, and this involves creating an effective brand kit and engaging landing pages.

In terms of content, you can simply write articles or craft infographics about your industry. You can also provide your audience with white papers and other informational material that adds credibility to your brand.

  1. Share hyperlocal content

Hyperlocal marketing is simply an approach to nurturing relationships with very specific audience segments.

If you want your brand to grow locally, it’s important to provide content based on the culture and trends of your audience’s location.

For this, ample research into these trends is important as this enables you to create the right content for your audience. You can also invest in other local marketing tactics such as PPC campaigns and social engagement programs.

For this, you will need to hire a core of writers, graphics designers, and SEO specialists who are capable of handling your hyperlocal campaign. This will ensure that you nurture your local influence online before bringing your brand to a wider audience.

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