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How POS Software Can Improve Employee Management

Posted: April 1, 2019 at 10:24 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Today’s highly advanced POS systems can be used for much more than completing transactions and tracking sales. These systems also offer inventory management, reporting and analytics, and even employee management. That’s right, with quality POS software you can have better purview over important employee data, such as hours worked and completed sales per employee. 

By elevating your employee management, you can streamline your business which boosts customer experience. Here’s how a POS system can improve employee management.

Improve Customer Skills & Interaction

One of the biggest benefits of today’s modern POS systems is that many offer mobile capabilities. While customers typically wait in line at the checkout, with a mobile POS system, customers can check out from anywhere in the store.

Using a mobile POS system or hospitality POS system allows employees to walk around the store and interact with customers. Personal interactions not only improve customer experience, but they also allow your employees to improve their face-to-face sales tactics and skills.

Employees that have top notch customer service skills are more likely to drive sales and increase overall customer satisfaction especially in very busy areas at restaurants, pubs or hotels using a hospitality point of sale solution.

Efficiently Track Employee Hours

By using a POS system, employees are able to log into the system using a secure PIN. This PIN is entered when an employee clocks in and when they clock out. The ability to track employee hours worked is beneficial for both managers and employees.

With data from the POS system, managers can ensure that employees are working their required hours. This tracking system can also minimize time fraud, which can save your business thousands of dollars a year.

Tracking hours worked using a POS system also benefits employees. Employees are able to monitor how many hours they’ve worked in a time period. This helps employees to effectively manage their hours to ensure they work the required hours in each pay period.


One of the most tedious tasks that managers have to tackle is creating schedules. Even in today’s highly advanced world, there are plenty of businesses out there that use whiteboards and other manual methods to notate who should be working and when.

But with a POS system, you can say goodbye to manual scheduling and instead enjoy a faster and more efficient option.

POS software that offers scheduling features provide real-time data, allowing you to see which employees should be working on a specific day. Unlike manual scheduling, with a POS system, you can quickly and easily make last-minute changes. All you have to do is log into the system, assign a worker to a specific day and time, and the schedule is updated!

Performance Tracking

The most effective way to keep employees happy is to routinely reward top performers. When employees are rewarded for their work, you can expect morale and productivity to increase. Employees like to know that they are valued. Rewarding employees also decreases employee turnover.

Using the metrics provided by a POS system, you can easily identify top performers. For example, you can use the system to identify:

  • Which employees are generating the highest number of sales
  • Who has worked over their standard weekly hours
  • Quota rankings

Just as these metrics can help to identify top performers, they can also be used to pinpoint employees that are struggling and require extra training or a mentor.

Sales Accountability

Employee-based crimes are more common than most business owners expect. In fact, according to a 2017 study conducted by Hiscox, workplace crime costs businesses in the U.S. around $50 billion a year. Common crimes include theft and fraud.

Though managers can’t track each transaction that can employee completes, a POS system can. Using POS software you can see all transactions that are assigned to an employee. With close monitoring and transaction logging, employees may be deterred from mishandling, theft, and other crimes. The POS system also gives you the data needed to identify improper sales.

Streamlined Training

Training is a key factor in maintaining a solid workforce. When you introduce a POS system into your business, it’s crucial that you train both current and new employees. To get the buy-in and acceptance from your workforce, you will need to train them on how the system works while also explaining how it benefits them.

Most POS systems offer demo features. This allows you to provide functional training for your employees. By making training a priority, you can minimize the number of errors made when using the system in a live environment.


A POS system offers much more than quicker sales, inventory management, and metrics. With quality POS software, you can improve your employee management, giving you greater insight into who is working when as well as which employee is completing the most sales.

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