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Everyone Is An Artist with Kyle Kofsky

Kyle Kofsky
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Kyle Kofsky Cultural Curator

Kyle Kofsky the founder of Everyone Is An Artist, where he has worked with individuals and institutions on both production and management in the “cultural industry” joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Kyle Kofsky discuss the following:

  • How did you start doing what you do?
  • How important is Arts education in the world?
  • What are we accountable for in our own cities?
  • How do you become a leader in your own community?
  • What do you like best about your job?

Tip: We are all given these abilities in life which when we harness will afford us all the success in the world. When you tap into these abilities you will see yourself approaching every task in a different way. Leading to the realization that you have none of the answers and only then can you begin to ask the right questions. Your abilities are only held back by your fear, and fear is necessary but never worth your full potential. Take note of your skills and abilities in the most specific ways possible. Outline your weakness and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Only those poised for participation will reap in the rewards. Make goals and decisions and stick to them. Do not be distracted by the flashing lights.

Duration: 10:12

As a Cultural Curator in the City of Toronto, Kyle Kofsky leads many lives.

Most prominently, he is a consultant and manager for the arts and the relationships created within them. As Founder of Everyone Is An Artist, Kyle has worked with individuals and institutions on both production and management in the “cultural industry.”

At various times during each year, Kyle takes on the role of casting director for film, commercial, print, and television, having worked with production companies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Toronto. This is one of the jobs he loves, in which he covets the functioning principle of “getting people work.”

As a working artist himself, Kyle has written and directed three short films, the third entitled “First Dance”, which is actually three films in one and is in post-production. It is due to release in 2014. This story, in which the power to dream realizes the ability to live (a message that has been a mantra of Kyle for many years) is sure to entertain and inspire.

The first items Kyle ever created in the name of art (during his late teens) were black and white nude photos that he took of models and friends. This passion for the human body has translated into the clothing line BPC (body part clothing) which, in collaboration with another local Toronto designer will be available in stores and online in the spring of 2014.

In a completely different vein, we come to a favorite hobby of Kyle. As an acting Minister for the Government of Ontario, Kyle has married over 200 couples from all over the world. “Speaking the words you have written and having them bond two people is one of the greatest rushes in my world,” says Kyle. Bringing people together in any capacity is a wonderful thing, and when that new relationship helps someone in your community, or anywhere for that matter it’s even better.

This is what Kyle has done with the many charities and non-profits he has worked with over the years. Facilitating and consulting for various activities and initiatives in order for these organizations to educate, fund-raise, and continue to grow and enrich our lives.

In the past year, Kyle has taken the job as Editor In Chief of PRODUCT, a print magazine focused on the success of his fellow Torontonians. PRODUCT has the sole purpose of engaging the conscious members of the community – engaging them to spread inspiration and motivation to help grow our city, but more importantly, recognize the achievements being made every day and make room for necessary evolutions to take place.

Everyone Is An Artist


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