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Don’t Neglect These Plumbing Basics

Posted: October 16, 2020 at 1:42 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The plumbing in your home is a fundamental part of the property. When you do not take care of this utility, huge problems can appear. Statistics show us that 1 trillion gallons of water are lost every single year in the US because of leaks. We all know that we have to contact a plumber like this one when we notice a problem but the truth is that plumbing basics are not a common thing. With this in mind, here are some things that you have to remember. 

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Basically, plumbing is quite straightforward. It is made out of 2 systems in most homes:

The Water Supply System

Your water supply is made out of pipes that are actively bringing water into your home. This is a system that depends on pressure. Water can come from wells or city water supplies. 

The city water enters the property through the main pipe, which is practically a huge pipe, usually running parallel to the street. Never try to do work on the mainline yourself since you might be faced with a civil lawsuit. Hire professional plumbers. 

Maintenance Needs

Piping that is correctly installed does not leak. However, as time passes, problems appear. Eventually, a complete overhaul is necessary. Also, the system optimally performs only when the pressure is as high as needed. Unfortunately, this means the water system is sensitive. 

When a leak appears, water pressure is affected. You cannot flush toilets or run showers if water pressure is low. 

DWV Systems

With the DWV system, we talk about drain pipes, traps, and vents. They are not overlapping the water system and that is simply because you do not want to have problems with them connecting. Your drainage system is mostly built based on gravity and the goal is to get rid of wastewater. 

The plumbing used in DWV systems is downward angled. This is why gravity makes it easy for water to move through the fixture, going into the system’s sewer line. You can quickly figure out the fact that this is a very complex system. Also, gravity reliance has some clear downsides. 

All drain pipes need to be properly placed and engineered so that gravity is used in an appropriate way. To make the system easier, larger pipes are utilized. This also makes it a lot easier to carry your property’s waste without worrying about blockages. 

Final Thoughts

Your plumbing system will help you stay comfortable inside your home. You will not feel comfortable in the event that a problem appears. The biggest thing to worry about is the presence of a leak. Eventually, this can lead to huge structural damage that is very costly to fix. Due to this, it is really important that you check your plumbing as often as possible. If you have no idea how to do this, talk with an experienced plumber that can help you out. It is very easy to find one to go through a maintenance plan and check your pipes from time to time. 

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