Dealing with Stress at Work? Here’s how to Restore Balance and Joy into Your Life

There is something that lurks in the shadows in your workplace, depletes your energy, eats your focus, and shakes your confidence. All your coworkers, friends, and even your boss is talking about it. What’s its name? Stress. While it may seem like stress isn’t a big deal, there are many studies that show us how stress can really cause us increased blood pressure, headaches, trouble sleeping, upset stomach, and many other physical symptoms. Not to mention its role in mood ailments, such as anxiety, depression, etc. 

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A study made in 2018 concluded that 57% of adults’ in the U.S. significant source of stress is because of their workplace. Besides, researchers have also revealed that stressful jobs might lower your life expectancy. Experiencing stress can be common for people, but you must ensure that it doesn’t become overwhelming. We get it, it’s easier said than done, but you can restore your life’s balance and joy by reading the following methods.  

Make time for workplace wellness

Going to work shouldn’t be a source of significant stress in your life. Even though you might have a more demanding work environment, you must learn how to balance things. There are plenty of things you can do to make your work experience more enjoyable and healthier, including:

  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day (drink plenty of water) 
  • Create a bright workspace
  • Keep a scented candle or a diffuser on your desk 
  • Improve the air quality by adding indoor plants
  • Create happiness-boosting traditions with your colleagues
  • Work doesn’t have to be all about business and seriousness – laugh more
  • Be appreciative
  • Give more compliments – you’ll receive them back
  • Go to team-buildings often
  • Protect yourself from negative emotional thoughts.

We’re convinced that people who have more fun at work are more innovative. It’s scientifically proven! Success doesn’t come out of people who are constantly pessimists and unhappy. Why is laughing at work related to innovation and creativity? Because:

  • Laughing tends to eliminate inhibitions.
  • A fun environment will bring the whole team to a more productive line.
  • Successful people enjoy being surrounded by others who respect them, and vice versa. If you act too seriously or are unhappy, you’re likely to attract negative thoughts.
  • Negative people aren’t going to be seen as leaders.

Some people see fun at work as something forbidden. It’s not. Fun is about innovation, creativity, progress, and seeing things from a whole different perspective. The most innovative you are, the more you’ll enjoy a happy and healthy workplace. 

How to handle stress at work

Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? A great way to reduce stress at work is to first clarify your goals. Set clear objectives and make time to talk with your manager and clarify them. Just make sure that your daily job activities include these goals. Think about your priorities: there are tons, right? Well, an old saying sounds like this: “If you make everything a priority, nothing becomes a priority.” Thus, you should focus on your biggest tasks of the day. It also means that you should focus on 2 or 3 things maximum, and leave the rest for later. It will have a huge impact on your goals. 

Most importantly, set deadlines. It’s a general rule that must be followed. Set realistic deadlines for absolutely everything. This is how you get things done right. Plan everything you need to do beforehand, so that you can maximize your daily tasks. Also, ensure that you take regular breaks during the working day. 

If it still seems impossible to be mindful at work, take artists as an example: how do they manage to reduce stress in their lives? Performing artists are facing a lot more issues than an average person who works 8 hours per day behind the desk. Actors, dancers, musicians, and so on, always fight harder with stress, anxiety, and depression. They are like robots who must always maintain an impeccable image while they perform, sleep, travel, etc. So, how do they manage to keep a perfect image? And also, how can artists protect their music by copyright? 

Being an artist can come out with a lot of uncertainties and stress. However, the thing is that stress doesn’t have to control your career and emotions. It’s common to have stress in your life, but learning how to cope with it will help you grow stronger and more confident. You’ll also be a lot happier. Don’t ignore the reasons for your stress. Having a career, regardless of its nature, means doing what you love. Don’t let stress take away your happiness. 

Foster positive personal relationship

Making friends at work isn’t easy, but it’s essential. Spending most of your time with your coworkers will eventually lead to consider yourselves “friends.” How can you foster positive relationships at work?

  • Forget about your phone – during lunch time, don’t bury your head in your Facebook and Instagram newsfeed. Leave your phone at the desk, and involve in conversations with your coworkers. 
  • Improve your skills by supporting other people’s work.
  • Write notes of appreciation to your colleagues.
  • Establish a closer connection both personally and professionally.
  • Participate in activities that don’t involve work with your coworkers.
  • Introduce yourself to some of the people you work with and want to get to know better. 

Get some sleep

We can’t say enough how much sleep matters! Lack of sleep can inhibit you, making you unable to cope with your daily tasks at work. Besides the fact that it affects your overall look and mood, you can’t reduce stress when you feel irritated from not having enough sleep. Tips for getting your sleep back on track:

  • “Sleep is for the weak” is not something you should consider, no matter who says it. Productive people will stay that way if they rest enough and well.
  • Set up a routine – this way, you’ll be able to fall asleep faster at night.
  • Be productive and active during your days off, so that you can stick to your schedule.
  • Turn off screens one hour before falling asleep. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to rest well.

While dealing with stress at work can be a real problem, it’s for sure solvable. Follow the tips above and bring your stress levels down. 

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