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Commercial Snow Removal Tips for Small Business

Posted: October 10, 2020 at 12:54 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Winter is almost here and as Jack Frost gets ready to nip at our yards and our homes, it can also take a toll on businesses. When you own a small business, the last thing you want is to be stuck or not allow customers in and out of your lot. Therefore, it’s important to start considering commercial snow removal and finding suitable commercial snow removal services.

In this guide, we’re going to give you a handful of tricks and tips that you can use to choose the perfect the best snow removal service possible, so that way you can get the most out of your winter for your company and its customers. But before that, we will also like to mention that if you are a professional you can plan ahead with the help of a snow prediction system. It will definitely save you alot of time and resources.

Photo by Dave Haas from Pexels

Think About How Fast They Can Do It

When you run a business, you already know that time is money. Any time that you can’t have a free area for your customers to walk or drive into, you’re losing money. However, when you are hiring a company to remove snow for you, how quickly they can do the job is extremely important. If you hire them to remove snow even after a blizzard, you’ll want them to remove it either before hours, or as often as possible if the storm is happening during your business hours. Therefore, turnaround time is everything.

Other Services Too

You need to consider what kind of removal services the company is offering. Do they end up getting rid of snow and ice out of entryways or walkways? Do they even do ice removal too? Some companies only do ice removal, some specialize in just parking lots, while others do it all. The best companies do it all, and they may even haul the snow away so you don’t have to worry about asphalt damage and piles of snow taking up space in your lots.

Are They Insured?

This is the biggest thing you need to ask when you are going to hire a snow removal service. Anyone can be a regular “contractor” in their eyes and provide cheap prices. But this doesn’t guarantee that they’re licensed and insured. The best companies are though, because they know that if they’re insured, they care about themselves as much as they do their customers. Always ask if they are insured, because if anything happens to them at your place of business and they’re not insured, then you will be liable for any charges or could face some serious legal trouble.


When you need the best snow removal service, there are some landscape companies that can provide these services as well. What’s important though, is that you do need to understand that the more that you are going to get in terms of removal, the more you’re going to pay. Not only that, but you may end up paying more for those who have been doing this a while – such is a small cost when it comes to quality and being able to earn more for your business. And always ask for references as with any other contracted service, because what people say matters a lot.

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