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Can You Get Caught Using Websites that Write Essays for You

Getting caught in an act inherently implies that the action is either immoral or downright illegal. However, is contracting out your academic writings to a third-party essay writing service wrong?

Chances are, you have a lot on your plate as a student, from backlogs of coursework to clearing up to possibly needing to attend to your day job, turning out well-written essays may be difficult for you.

In such cases, contracting out an assignment to third-party essay services might just be all you could do. However, does outsourcing such services not count as academic cheating? Are those services even reliable? We’ve hashed these considerations out in our article.

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Are Essay Writing Services Illegal?

If you bought an essay, rest assured that engaging the services of professional essay writers is totally legal.

Thousands of students, at some point, outsource their needs out to writing websites. If you manage to get a website that writes essays for you to attend to your academic work, you can be sure that it would be safe to work with them, and you would also get high-quality research papers. Having a website create essays is the same as engaging a tutor to get ahead with your coursework. In getting someone to prepare your research papers, however, ensure you work only with native English professional writers.

Fraud is the set of charlatans you ought to look for when it boils down to engaging third-party services. This action typically engages just about all sorts of writers, possibly even without as much as a bachelor, to tackle outstanding tasks.

The chances of college and university students getting good grades with write-ups from such essay writing services is pretty much zero. Things could even possibly take a turn for the worse; you could end up getting severely penalized by your school’s academic board, especially if it’s discovered that you’ve plagiarized.

Is It Safe to Use An Essay Writing Service?

Simply, yes. Engaging specialists is a safe, acceptable way to complete your outstanding research paper and all other forms of academic writing service. In principle, it’s much the same as engaging a tutor to get ahead in areas that matter.

However, suppose your concerns border on whether contracting out violates the tenets of academic integrity or perhaps the possibility of being discovered by your school. In that case, it all depends on how efficient and professional your chosen service is.

For a third-party custom writing company to be considered worthy of your time and money, they must generally have a track record of producing high-grade unique write-ups. Anything less would not only practically waste your money, but it could also spell bad for your academics.

The best way to know whether or not a purportedly reliable college essay service is worth its salt is to check out its testimonial section. The reviews left by previous clients are often enough to decide whether or not contacting a writing service is worthwhile. Fraudulent websites would often have high rates of plagiarism in the academic work they churn out.

Do Essay Writing Services Really Work?

Um, yes and no.

Several websites on the net might offer to help you out for free on your academic writings. Don’t be fooled; however, even when using an essay writing service, it takes a great deal of time and effort to churn out original work guaranteed to earn an A grade. Most ‘free’ essay writing websites typically spin previously composed write-ups of another author similar to your subject through on-site article rewriters.

The rewriters are grossly ineffective, and their write-ups hardly ever scale through copying checks. It’s not uncommon to find unique scores for such write-ups to be as low as 30%. Possibly even less.

With professionals, however, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The best essay writing companies typically use experts specializing in diverse fields to help with any tasks you might have. Such writers usually have a Master’s or a Ph.D. from foremost colleges and are likely native speakers of the language.

No doubt now you have your answer. Done right and by professionals, yes, third-party paper writing services work, and they are worth checking out. If you opt for the free options, you’d only have yourself to blame.

Can Professors Find Out If You Bought Your Essay Online?

Whether or not your professor finds out you bought essays online, used a free essay writing service, or wrote one yourself hugely depends on your essay’s uniqueness level and, to a lesser extent, the writing style. As we remarked earlier, ‘free’ web-based online writing tools would merely find replacements (synonyms, really) for some words in the source write-up. They hardly ever modify the write-up’s actual content or structure. You really should stay away from those.

Not only would experts, who typically have advanced higher education degrees, compose an entirely new essay from scratch upon your order, they equally would conduct a series of tests to detect possible incidents of accidental plagiarism before turning over the write-up.

Should you hire a professional writing service to write your academic papers, any incidences of plagiarism would have been mitigated and possibly eliminated. It would then be impossible for your professor to detect whether or not you plagiarized in such cases.
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To top it, most agencies go one notch further and do succeed at mimicking your writing style. You need only forward enough samples as requested to the writers. 

Wrapping Up

To minimize the chances of your professor finding out that you contracted your academic essay to third-party agencies, contract out only to writing agencies with great reviews and authentic testimonials.

Check out if the company is registered with the government. Legit agencies tend to have LLCs and consequently would never reveal your details under whatever circumstances.

Lastly, before turning in your papers, ensure you’ve run a detection check with plagiarism tools on the essay. A poorly written essay is an indication you’ve worked with the wrong firm and would only serve to get you in trouble.

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