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Branding Basics for Small Business: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget with Maria Ross

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Maria Ross

Maria Ross, author of the “Branding Basics for Small Business: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget“, speaker and chief brand strategist of Red Slice, a brand consultancy again joins Enterprise Radio. Maria advises entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMB’s on how to translate captivating stories into irresistible brands that attract the right customers, stand out from the crowd and boost the business.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Maria Ross discuss the following:

  • What was the response to the first book and why did you update to a second edition? What can readers expect in this new version?
  • You talk about the difference between “branding” and “marketing” in the book. Can you please explain?
  • What are the biggest mistakes you see small businesses making when it comes to branding?
  • How can people get your book?
  • How can they learn more about you and get your support?

Duration: 11:49

“Maria Ross makes it clear that branding isn’t just for big companies, rich companies, or consumer companies. It’s for your company. In a single readable volume, she shows you how to separate yourself from the pack and win.” – Marty Neumeier, author of The Brand Gap, Zag, and Metaskills: Five Talents for the Robotic Age

“Match your authentic purpose with the courage to serve only the right customer (not any customer).  That’s the essence of a successful business you will fall in love with.  Maria’s book is the recipe for getting there. Dig in!” – Mike Michalowicz author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, The Pumpkin Plan and Profit First

“Creating content that captivates customers, differentiates your organization and drives sales is vital today. But the first step is getting crystal-clear on your brand strategy. Before you dive into random acts of content, read this book!” – Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and Author of Content Rules

The popular guide used by entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and non-profits everywhere to build an irresistible brand on any budget is now updated! Branding Basics for Small Business, 2nd Edition includes fresh content around social media, content marketing and networking trends and additional real-world case studies of small business and entrepreneurial success.

Small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits enviously watch “the big guys” create tribes of loyal followers. How do they do it? What can time and resource-strapped organizations learn from them?

The secret is starting with a strong Brand Strategy, which goes far beyond a logo. Brand is your core promise, personality and reason for being. Effective branding is not about how much money you spend but on how clearly and consistently you communicate the right message through everything you do. Finding top branding agencies will help you decide which one would be the best fit for your next product visual identity by checking out their portfolios.

In Branding Basics for Small Business, 2nd Edition, brand strategist, author and speaker Maria Ross shares practical tips and real-world case studies of irresistible small business brands, plus insights from global marketing experts on how you can make this happen for your organization. Part One defines what brand really means (and what it does not) and why it matters to your ultimate success. Part Two outlines a simple ten-question process with exercises designed to help you build a strong brand strategy of your own. Part Three offers practical action steps to bring that brand strategy to life through design, marketing tactics, social media, content marketing and more so you can:

  • Generate buzz and loyalty with the right customers, clients, or donors,
  • Make smarter, more cost-effective marketing decisions,
  • Stand out from the crowd and grow your business.

This practical and entertaining guide is your answer to building the perfect brand, connecting with loyal fans and growing your business or organization on any budget.

Maria Ross is a consultant, author and speaker who believes cash flow and creativity are not mutually exclusive. As chief brand strategist and creator of Red Slice, she advises start-ups, solopreneurs and small to midsize companies on how to craft irresistible brands. Maria is the author of Branding Basics for Small Business and her humorous and heartfelt memoir, Rebooting My Brain.

A dynamic speaker, she delights audiences ranging from The New York Times to the Chamber of Commerce to BlogHer with her wit and wisdom and has appeared in numerous media outlets, including MSNBC, ABC News, The Huffington Post,, NPR and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Maria lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, their precocious Black Lab mix and a new son on the way Spark a convo with Maria @redslice or join her Facebook tribe at

Branding Basics for Small Business: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget - 2nd Edition



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