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Matt Wasserlauf, a digital pioneer who founded a media agency that helps media buyers by providing them with powerful tools, as well as providing insights for their media supply partners joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Matt Wasserlauf discuss the following:

  1. Tell me about newly formed company Blockboard – what is the company about and what do you do?
  2. Your latest project and webisode release on for Henkel is At Home With Jennifer. Tell me about that series and how that helps your client Henkel?
  3. Can other companies also customize content for that show for future episodes – how would that work and how does that benefit a company or product?
  4. How do you measure success for your clients?
  5. Are there other shows or web series in your arsenal that other companies can partner with Blockboard on?
  6. I understand you’re a quite a pioneer on the subject of OTT – can you explain why and your background in this field?

Today’s digital marketplace is lacking adequate ‘Transparency and Trust’ between the buyers and sellers. Blockboard bridges that gap by bringing back ‘Transparency and Trust’ with the help of technology, powered by Blockchain.
We help media buyers by providing them with powerful tools, so that they only pay, what they bought, in other words eradicating the waste and help them maintaining 100% ROI. Similarly, we provide insights to our media supply partners to help them maintain quality and trust., is a one-stop-solution technology stack platform that providers buyers with quality inventory which is validated against blockchain, fully verifiable, and with tools needed to run their campaigns, including, targeting, big-data, audience pool with a full suite of real-time analytics and reporting dashboard.

Some of the other programs on the Blockboard lineup include: Digital Diaries-Quarantine Edition: #AlumniChallenge: Race to Home: American Health Journal: The American Table: Her Money Happy Hour: Friars Side Chats: Heading Home: One Dream Can Change the World and Feel Ageless-At Home With Jennifer.


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