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A Day in the Life of a Digital Entrepreneur

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There’s no doubt about that when it comes to the most successful digital entrepreneurs, anyone would do anything to get their success recipe.

How did they get where they are today?

Are there precious success tips and secrets they are willing to share?

Are there specific steps that everyone should apply on their own paths in digital entrepreneurship?

All these are questions to which miraculous answers are always expected – for instance, a magic potion that digital entrepreneurship success seekers can take in and hit their targets overnight!

So, where would you look for clues, if not in the daily life of some of the people you look up to and admire?

Note that we all love to play detective and analyze the repetitive patterns and everyday routines of the most successful digital entrepreneurs.

We do it to identify that one activity, personality trait, concept, or custom that help in bringing these people to the peaks of glory.

Probably is something in their motivation or the way they schedule and perform their tasks. Whatever this trigger is, one thing is for sure; successful digital entrepreneurs have something to teach us all.

They have grown from scratch to where they are and must have learned a thing or two about this business. So, what better way to learn what’s unique about how they carry out their activities than taking a peek into a typical day in their lives?

Over the last few years, we interviewed many digital entrepreneurs across different industries, and almost all of them revealed details about their daily routines.

What a day in a digital entrepreneur’s life looks like

While responding to a question about his typical day, Ric Dean, the famous co-founder of Caffeinated, shared a few important things about his typical day.

He said, “From the time I get up to the time I retire to bed, these are no minute to lose. I opt to work at home to save time. I always work on a fixed schedule: wake up at 7:00 am and start working as soon as possible. Engrossed, I rarely take my first meal before 1 pm. At 7:30 pm, I attend the gym or a fitness class and then head home. Sometimes, I may work until 1 am!”

“Basically, I dedicate more than 10 hours, five days a week to helping my clients succeed online. Yet, it isn’t enough to get all the tasks done, but I have a great team behind me to pick up the slack” He concluded.

One important thing you can learn from Ric’s day is the undeniable importance of time management. Time is a scarce, non-renewable resource. Indeed, it’s among the most important resources any digital entrepreneur requires. Therefore, the amount of time you dedicate to your work and how you schedule your activities matters.

The founder of networkr, Andy Hughes, admitted the fact that his days are a bit unique from the other CEOs’. He travels a lot, and he only manages to engage with his team personally four to five days in a month. The rest of communication between Andy and his team is all through emails, video meetings, and Slack.

Gupta’s business doesn’t require permanent face-to-face engagement because most of the things can be easily done via different communication channels. “I outsource most of the tasks to professionals and get things done in time. Effective planning is a necessity in the success for any business.” Concluded Andy.

Among all the digital entrepreneurs we interviewed, Kate Stevens’ response was the most interesting. She is the founder of Reviewlatest. According to her, her day doesn’t have precise limits in the sense that it never starts or stops. “It’s just like the universe,” she said.

“Even when I am out of office, I may remind myself of a task or get an idea randomly without consciously doing it. However, this doesn’t mean that I do my tasks randomly. Prioritizing daily tasks is important because there are very important things concerning raising money, increasing the online visibility of my business, saving money, address my website visitors’ and employees concerns, and more. Since everything can’t be done simultaneously, prioritizing tasks is important.” Said, Kate.

In his response, Sam Taylor, revealed the dynamics of his team. According to Sam, when working, there are neither fixed spaces nor fixed hours. However, there is one thing the team manages to successfully; meeting deadlines in time.

He said, ”We utilize technology to control and speed up processes. As much as we want to complete everything in time, we still give our employees the time they need to have a life outside the offices. One important thing to our business is regular evaluation of our customers’ comments, and concerns. That means we spend much time trying to make our services better.”

The last person to respond to our interview was Sarah Forester, a digital marketer with more than nine years of experience. She began as a B2B telemarketer, worked her way up the ladder to become a top for an internet marketing agency. Over the years, she has handled different challenges in her line of work.

Sarah says that she wakes up at 7 am and by 9 am, she is always in her office. With huge volumes of work to be handled daily, she says that outsourcing is an effective way of getting things done in time. “It’s always healthy to spare some time for yourself and recharge your energy.” She concluded.

Is there anything like a typical day in a digital entrepreneur’s life?

After reading through the responses given by different entrepreneurs, perhaps you’re wondering if there is anything like a typical day in a digital entrepreneur’s day. It’s worth mentioning that there is no concrete recipe for success.

Similarly, there is no typical working day for a digital entrepreneur. You must have realized that each day is different for different people and all boils down to one’s personality and company traits.

Regardless of the differences in how different digital entrepreneurs get their work done, you must have noticed that the ink that bonds all of them is the passion they put into their work.

Their work schedules lack time limitations, and they aren’t bound to work in fixed places. They all use technology to control, get everything done in time, and improve their working experiences.  

Author Bio: Richard Dean is a Director at Caffeinated, one of the fastest growing link building and content creation agencies. He has started and invested in a number of startups since 2008, but found his real passion with digital marketing.

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