7 Essential Digital Marketing Tips for 2021 & Beyond

The digital world has played an important role in the growth of businesses for many years. However, since the CoronaVirus pandemic hit planet earth it can be said to have become a necessity. Thanks to it many businesses survived as they were able to attend to their customers despite the lockdown measures applied.

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Business owners have learned a thing or two on how important going digital can be. Now many of those who had not yet taken this step are rushing to, which only means that the competition to get online users’ attention is going to be insane! But, not to worry, here are invaluable digital marketing tips that will help you stand out from your competition in 2021 and beyond.

 Aim at Being Position Zero in Google Searches

Google is the top player when it comes to search engines as it handles over 90% of online search traffic. With this in mind, curating your content to gain favor with google search engines is of utmost importance. For many years, the main goal has been to get your content to position one on search results. But, now you should aim a notch higher – which is position zero. This refers to the featured google snippet at the top of the page, displayed in a small box, that provides the answer and extra information attempting to answer a user’s query without them clicking on the link. Thus, it has been labeled the ‘no-click search’.

The thought of users not clicking on your link may be unappealing but at the end of the day, your brand will be more visible and you will also be thought of as a leader in your particular niche.

To be able to appear in position zero, you need to provide a short and practical answer to the keyword question within your article. Preferably using bulleted lists or a table.

Make use of Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

According to the Cisco Annual Internet Report, videos are likely to account for over 80% of consumer internet traffic by 2021. To keep up with this trend, you need to creatively make use of them in your marketing strategy. Live and branded videos are especially considered useful as they enable you to engage with your audience.

To ensure the videos stand out and produce the desired results, ensure that they concisely address your customers’ needs. You should also optimize them with relevant keywords and use a great title.

Explore Local Services Ads

Powered by Google, Local Services Ads enable you to market your services and goods to people within your locality. Your ads only pop up when a potential customer within your locality keys in keywords related to your content. Therefore, Local Services Ads ensure that your brand and content only reach users who are most likely to purchase what you offer.

Establish a Strong Presence on Social Media

Reports indicate that people spend so much time on social media platforms. This creates an opportunity for you to engage with your customers and also acquire new ones. Most platforms also offer marketing packages where you can set your preferred budget depending on the duration you want to advertise, and the number of people you hope to reach.

Depending on your niche a digital marketing specialist will make efforts in establishing proper steps to build your online presence. It is highly recommended for healthcare organizations to consult a healthcare digital marketing agency and an automotive company to partner with a digital marketer specializing in automotive.

While at it, remember to keep up with the current trends to be more effective. For example, right now influencer marketing is considered among the top trends. This is where you approach an individual with a huge following and a strong brand reputation to help endorse your products or services. On platforms like Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram this strategy works wonders as people tend to be more convinced of a product’s or services’ usefulness after seeing their favorite influencer use them.

Adapt Your Content to Voice Search

 More and more internet users prefer to use voice search as they are impressively fast. You should, therefore, seek to tap into this market by optimizing your content to adapt to it. Incorporating FAQs & schemas and embracing natural language, increases the chances of appearing in the Google snippet. You should also ensure your site loading speed is fast as most people use the voice search when they need results quickly.

Make use of Google Listings

Google listing enables potential customers to find all your business information when they type your business name. This includes details such as your description, contact information, physical location, opening hour, posts, photos, website, and reviews. Making use of google listing is not only easy to use and convenient but also free.

SMS and Email Marketing

They may sound like a cliche but these two forms of marketing are still as effective as they were years back. Once users have signed up to your list, you can follow up with special offers, reminders, updates, and the like. Effective use of SMS and Email marketing leads to higher conversion rates.

Digital marketing is now a necessity for businesses who hope to outwit their competitors and grow. The above tips will come in handy in achieving this. Getting time to implement the above can be a challenge but contracting a Digital Marketing Agency – Vendi.digital can help you achieve your goals. If not sure how to effectively apply them or you need more practical tips on how to grow your online presence, digital marketing agency -Vendi digital will be happy to help.

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