5 Ways on How to Attract New Homecare Clients to Your Agency

There are plenty of seniors; but not all seniors acquire the services of a home care agency. If they do, there’s no guarantee that they will go to your agency instead of another. With many home care agencies around, you need to be innovative and creative in order to win new clients. 

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Getting a stream of new clients means continuity and growth for your business. Whether you are already an established agency or just starting up, you need new seniors constantly coming in as clients. With this in mind, we have decided to come up with a list of how to get clients for home care agency. Now here are the 5 ways to attract new clients to your agency:

1. Be visible and transparent.

You can do this by using a program such as ClearCare homecare software. This allows you to offer your clients real-time transparency. The family of seniors will likely choose your agency if they can constantly monitor and check how their loved one is being taken care of. They need assurance that your caregivers will be accountable in the event of a mishap. With this service, you and your clients can have real-time updates through mobile table and telephone check-ins. This also helps you monitor your caregivers.

2. Step up your social media presence.

Most people are now on social media. Hence, you need to make use of this technology to your advantage. With many competitors in the industry, you need to step up your game and increase your visibility in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media channels. With minimal financial investment, you will get to establish your agency in the digital world. Use social media to reach out to your clients and educate them about homecare and give them constant updates about your caregivers, your services, caregiving tips, or any upcoming senior event. 

3. Conduct a caregiver workshop.

Boost your community presence by conducting a workshop to caregivers in the family. With the help of a senior care expert, sponsor a workshop to educate family caregivers about the necessary information and  tips on taking care of their elderly loved ones. Use this as an opportunity to advertise your agency.

4. Build a local referral network.

Widen your base by building your own network of “sources,” These can include therapists, physicians, senior service providers, and other local care managers. These are the people who will refer your agency to their clients. That way, you get a steady referral of new clients. However, building a network should work both ways. Thus, you need to always keep in touch with your sources and give something to  them in return (like giving regular updates or helping them out in other ways). 

5. Be a senior advocate.

Since you are in the senior care business, you need to be “senior-friendly.” You need to be a real advocate for the well-being of seniors in your community. Be passionate about the rights and welfare of the elderly population. Be in touch with senior advocacy groups and your local senior center.

With these tips, you will soon attract new clients to your home care agency. If you need help marketing your home care business or if you need to know more about getting new clients for your business, check out SeniorCareClicks.

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