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5 Fun Facts About Online Gambling

Posted: October 17, 2020 at 10:54 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

As the ever-increasing popularity of online gambling continues on, many of the general aspects of online gambling is not known to most. 

Let’s look out some cool facts about online gambling that you probably do not know already.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Online Gambling Has a Popular Game That You Might Not Have Expected

You might think that poker or roulette might be the most popular online game but in fact, it is actually slots. 

Slots sees a much higher online regular gaming presence than in physical casinos. It also accounts for up to 70% of some online gaming casinos profits. Much higher thank many would expect.

Men Gamble More Than Woman and That Includes Online

Not only are men 80% of the people who gamble in general they also are more likely to be compulsive gamblers. Women who tend to gravitate to the casinos not on Gamstop scheme are 7.5 times less likely to become addicted to gambling. Men also tend to get into gambling at much younger ages than women do leading to further susceptibility towards addiction. 

Most of the reasoning behind this comes down to the personality traits of men and not due to social norms between men and women. Men take bigger risks than women too.

Most Money Ever Won

The most money ever won with online gambling was done, surprisingly enough with a slot machine run. The winnings were over €17,000,000 in a slot machine jackpot.

The winner was a Finnish man who placed a 25-cent bet to soon become a millionaire. The second biggest winning was by an ex UK soldier who won over £13,000,000. You can’t get odds like that in any industry.  Even will tell you that you’re more likely to get on the first page of a given search engine without any SEO help than you are to win off of a bet that only totaled 25p originally.

These jackpot games have potentially extremely large winnings but their odds are extremely low. 

The Online Game with the Highest Odds

Just like at a real casino some games have higher odds than others online too. A game often missed for its high odds online is roulette. 

The game, although a lot more fun for some in real life, has extremely high odds for players. An almost 50/50 chance of winning. The casino still holds slight favor but this game has extremely high odds even versus games that require some skill such as poker. If you are a gambling novice and want to try your luck online, you might want to get your toes wet with some roulette.

The Winning and Losing Odds of Playing Online Is the Same as at a Real Casino

Often debated by many gambling enthusiasts is whether you will have more luck playing online or at a real casino. The main part of the argument that is hard to measure is the different methods used by the house online and the house of a physical casino.

There is also the debate of playing against the house online which is often a computer and playing, say, blackjack at a casino. 

Though some small aspects might vary from brick and mortar locations and online gambling, the odds for online gambling are exactly the same as they are for real casinos.

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