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10 Best and Less Know Fitness Equipment For 2019

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If your goal is to lose weight or keep fit, you will definitely be on the lookout for the best fitness equipment that will help you meet your goals. This being the case, it is worth noting that there are numerous fitness equipment ranging from the very common equipment that is widely known to fitness aficionados to less popular equipment that would still meet your fitness objectives. Well, in this article, we are going to have an overview of the best fitness equipment that emerged popular and least popular for 2019.

Best known fitness equipment for 2019 


Top on our list of the best equipment for 2019 is dumbbells. The fitness equipment is best known for an inexpensive way to build muscle tone for both gym starters and veterans. This is attributed by the weight adjustment provision that allows the user to add or remove weight to meet different needs. Another reason why the fitness equipment is popular is the different techniques that you can apply on the equipment to work out on different muscles ranging from the biceps/triceps, shoulder, chest and back muscles. Lastly but not least, you need a little space to use dumbbells while they are also highly durable and very easy to repair in case of damage. 

Skipping ropes 

This fitness equipment is mainly used for jumping workouts while the rope passes under the feet. Like the dumbbells, one can apply various skipping techniques with skipping ropes. The techniques can be practiced in solo or in a group. Best-known techniques that can be applied with the skipping rope include the side swing, toad, inverse toad, double under, donkey kick among others. These are not only fun to play but comes with burning lots of calories. As a matter of fact, in an hour of vigorous jumping, skipping ropes burn up to 1200 calories which is equivalent to cycling or running.  

Resistance bands 

The resistance band as the name suggest are designed to provide resistance during the workout while pulled thereby building on the muscles. Resistance bands come in different official colors: red being the thinnest and providing minimal resistance while blue the thickest for maximum resistance. Like the ab roller, resistance band are popular for their portability and hence the most preferred choice for gym trainers that are traveling and want to exercise. Additionally, bands are very effective in the rehabilitation of injured muscles since they do not put a lot of stress on the muscles compared to dumbbells and other weights. The major issue with the resistance band is that it can cause personal injuries like eye injuries that can land the trainer in the ER. 

Ab roller 

The ab roller is yet another best-known fitness equipment because of its affordability and effectiveness in burning fats from the tummy: this being the main issued with many people that are overweight. Besides hardening the abs muscles, rollers also work on quite a wide range of muscles such as the oblique, abdominal and back muscles, hips flexors and many others. Other reasons why rollers are highly preferred is their light to carry and portable such they can easily fit in a backpack. Abs can also be used by both entry levels and experienced trainees.

Cycle trainer 

The indoor stationary bicycle featured in the 2019 best fitness equipment for their effectiveness to trainers that want to lose more weight. Unlike the conventional bicycle, the stationary bicycle is highly preferred since they can be used by anyone it doesn’t matter whether they can balance in a moving bike. Additionally, since they are stored indoors, there are no risks of hit and run accidents, security risks like mugging and rape, or being exposed to environmental risks like air pollution or acid rain.  Lastly, the trainer can exercise at any time he wants; for instance, during the night or while it is raining which would otherwise not have been possible with the normal bike.

Least known fitness equipment 

Rowing machines 

Well, the first in our list of the least popular fitness equipment is the rowing machines. This is mainly attributed to the big size and it is commonly found in the gym. It is also not easily reparable in case it is damaged. However, if you have space and willing to spend on the rowing machine, it is going to help you burn fats and lose weight fast. 

Yoga Mat 

This gym equipment is designed to shield the body from its weight while training on the floor. However, it is important to note that many trainers prefer vigorous highly physical activity thereby making the yoga mat the least preferred equipment. As if that isn’t enough, yoga mats can cause slipping and fall accidents when they are not properly anchored to the floor which can lead to serious personal injuries like broken bones, head injuries among others depending on the magnitude of the fall. 

Atlas stones 

As the name suggests these are round shaped concrete ball that is designed to build on the strength. When compared to weights that are easy to get arms around, this is not always the case with the Atlas Stone since they come in irregular shape and is so easy for it to slip away from the arm while pushing or pulling. Additionally, Atlas stones only target a specific group of trainers that are focused on building brute strength thereby leaving no room for starters. 


Although treadmills are popular in the gym, they are a complete luxury to own at home owing to the high operational cost in terms of electricity and maintenance. While working out alone, you stand a risk of suffering serious personal injuries in case you run slower than the treadmill or even suffering an entanglement when the shoelace is trapped in the moving parts of the machine. 

Sledgehammer weight 

The main reason why this equipment is not popular is its striking resemblance to more of a working tool rather than workout equipment. Moreover, the fitness equipment looks manlier and is usually works together with huge tires. This mainly locks out on women and starters. The sledgehammer can also bounce back hurting the trainer or accidentally fall hurting hits feet.

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