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Wireless plug-and-go safety system for the aging, ill and disabled

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Wireless plug-and-go safety system for the aging, ill and disabled

with Anthony Dohrmann of LifeSupport Medical

Anthony Dohrmann, founder and CEO of LifeSupport Medical, a medical alert and emergency response company joins Enterprise Radio. LifeSupport Medical markets and sells The Electronic Caregiver, a wireless plug-and-go safety system for the aging, ill and disabled.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Anthony Dohrmann discuss the following:

  • Why did you decide to get into this particular industry?
  • What sets your business apart from competitors such as the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” guys?
  • How does your product benefit caregivers?
  • Who can use this particular product?
  • Where can people find more information about The Electronic Caregiver?

Duration: 14:40

Anthony Dohrmann is the CEO and Founder of LifeSupport Medical. He is the creator of The Electronic Caregiver (

Prior to starting LifeSupport Medical, Dohrmann founded an innovative security technology company and leading security brand – LaserShield Systems, Inc., a pioneer in wireless security technology for residential and commercial applications.

Dohrmann, a private pilot, investor and entrepreneur, has raised more than $35 million in private equity and has launched several successful products that have been brokered by the likes of Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Fry’s Electronics,, TigerDirect, Microcenter and numerous other major retailers.

As the CEO of LifeSupport Medical, Dohrmann now focuses on the wellness industry, serving primarily the elderly, ill and disabled population in the United States.

The Electronic Caregiver is at the forefront of medical alert and home safety systems. Dohrmann’s technology offers a comprehensive solution to aging in place and living independently. Providing maximum functionality, security and comfort, The Electronic Caregiver offers the most user-friendly and complete health and safety monitoring solution for families and their loved ones.

“If I had to go back and start a business all over again, I would still choose something in the security and wellness industries,” Dohrmann said. “Protecting people has been my life’s calling and I think our companies do it the very best.”

To learn more about The Electronic Caregiver and to read Dorhmann’s full biography, visit


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