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Why a Projector Is Preferable to a Television

Posted: November 14, 2017 at 7:13 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Let’s face it, when it comes to entertainment few options match the popularity of the good old television. Alongside the honourable couch and the ever-essential lazy boy, there’s nothing quite like ending a hard day’s work by surfing a few channels and finding something interesting to kick back and relax to. However, this isn’t the only way to enjoy all sorts of different shows at home. While some might feel safe and comfortable with their television, others are starting to reap the benefits of purchasing a projector instead.

Why choose a projector over a television?

You might argue that a television – especially in this day and age, is fully equipped for entertainment. You have flat screens, you have HD quality, you have pretty much everything you need. However, those that own a projector at home can tell you that owning one can change the way you view entertainment. If you compare a projector to a television of the same era, you’ll find that a projector will trump it every single time. This means that for all the great things that a television has these days, a projector will match it and then some.

Where you place your projector matters so much more!

Compared to where you might be able to place a regular old television, where you place your projector can change so much the viewing experience. After all, you can make the projector play on just about any and every surface you want in your home. Do you want it to project on your ceiling because you just want to experience a movie while laying down? You most definitely can. Aside from its impeccable quality, you’ll be able to watch it from different angles depending on the surface.

More than worth the price

While a projector may end up costing more than a television, you most certainly get what you pay for. It’s worth every penny and there’s a certain novelty to owning a projector that just doesn’t seem to fade with time. It makes experiencing different movies that much more interesting. While it would certainly be understandable to go for the more affordable route if you don’t have the resources, why settle for second best if you don’t have to?

There are only a few things you need after your purchase a projector. A quality projector mount (it makes all the difference), and a bunch of tasty snacks. Perhaps you might want to invite a few friends over! After all, nothing says entertainment like watching your favourite film with a projector. This is why when it comes to preference, the only reason people tend to go for televisions is because of the cost. If you don’t happen to be hampered by a tight budget, a projector will help elevate your entertainment experience to the next level!


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