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Two-Way Video and the Live Content Revolution

Posted: April 9, 2017 at 2:22 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Douglas Hall

Douglas Hall, Executive Vice President of Geniecast,  the world’s largest online marketplace of thought leaders, athletes, speakers, celebrities, facilitators and more — all available via two-way, LIVE video broadcast joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Douglas Hall discuss the following:

  • What is Geniecast?
  • Live, content-based businesses and apps, like Geniecast or Facebook Live, are disrupting more than just the event and speaker industry. What should businesses do to prepare themselves for the rise of LIVE content?
  • What are the benefits of Geniecast and LIVE content to companies versus a webinar, video or hybrid event?
  • What have your clients said about the impact that Geniecast has had on their organizations?
  • What inspired you to join Geniecast?
  • What tip would you have for other entrepreneurs about embracing Live content?

An unabashed, unfiltered and brutally honest lover of new ideas, methods and products, Douglas Hall is continually challenging himself and his team to push the limits of what is not only possible but conceivable. From his early history in nightlife promotions, his years in mortgage and warranty sales, to his role as an entertainment industry executive, Hall has found a distinct narrative thread that connects these experiences and delivers a unique perspective to the sales floor, the boardroom and everywhere in-between.

Prior to Geniecast, Hall spent 8 years at TalentPlus Entertainment where he rose from Agent to President. While there, he negotiated licensing deals for casinos, programmed nationally acclaimed festivals, and brokered millions of dollars worth of national talent buys. Hall has been featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Business Journal, Campus Activities Magazine, Nightclub and Bar Magazine, Town&Style, American Entertainment, Mixer Magazine, and Thomas Crone’s “Portraits Along the River: Working in the City of St. Louis” (William and Joseph Press). Hall was  the Executive Chair of the Association of Entertainment Professionals Worldwide (AEP) from 2012-2016. Hall is a graduate of Webster University’s School of Communications where returns from time to time to engage students and participate in alumni functions.



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