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Sports Massage: Things You Should Know Before Getting One

Posted: December 6, 2017 at 4:42 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Sports massage is beneficial in numerous ways. Some of the benefits include boosting your circulatory system, reducing the occurrence of injury and improving your flexibility. Before you book an appointment for sports massage, you should know some important things.

There are different massage styles

Understand that there are several styles of massage. So if you are a runner, you should get a sports massage, instead of a Swedish massage or a hot stone massage. A sports massage targets muscle groups you use for running and focuses on muscle release to increase your range of motion, reduce pain and improve your flexibility.

Book a massage weeks before your race

It will not help you much if you book a sports massage quite close to the event. You should either get a sports massage a week before the race or have it after the event. Being massaged less than 48 hours before a race increases your chances of getting sore on race day, rather than being fit and ready. If you are in the area, go for a sports massage London offers and get the best experience from the professionals.

A massage after the race helps recovery

A sports massage is designed to help you recover after a race, so keep this in mind. You’ll notice that many athletes go for a light massage after finishing the race. This is designed to calm the nervous system and coax the body to start natural repair. If you are an experienced runner, it is all right to schedule a recovery-centred sports massage several hours or two days after the activity. If you are a newbie, think about scheduling the sports massage within three to four days, as you’ll feel very sore right after the race and will not appreciate or feel the benefit of the massage.

Drink plenty of water before a sports massage

If you are dehydrated your muscles and fascia can become stiff, so the massage might be more painful for you. Drink an adequate amount of water before your massage session to help you enjoy the benefits of the massage.

Expect to feel pain

Having a sports massage is different from a massage session in a spa. A sports massage requires you to interact with the practitioner physically. You will be moved around as the bodywork is performed on your legs and upper body. You may also receive treatment for tensed back, shoulders and arms.

Remember that a massage therapist is not a doctor

If you are suffering a serious sports-related injury, you should see a sports doctor first. When the doctor has given a diagnosis, the massage therapist can refer to it and devise a massage plan to alleviate inflammation and tightness in your body to help you recover faster.

It is normal to feel sore after a race and some soreness reveals areas that are weak and need strengthening exercises. However, if you feel discomfort and pain during a massage, let your therapist know as he or she may be applying too much pressure on very sore spots.


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