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Maze Runner Cyber Deception

Posted: February 14, 2018 at 11:51 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

There are many different types of cyber criminals and hackers. Each of these individuals have their own reasons for wanting to exploit computer systems and sensitive information. Businesses, corporations and industries must be on guard against these individuals. Even personal computer holders must safeguard themselves against cyber attacks and deception. There is a software safeguard offered by the tech company Cymmetria that mitigates Cyber Deception. The information listed below will explain more about it.

Stop Attackers by Taking the Fight to Them

Hackers are like any other invading force. They use the same specific strategies to carry out an assault on targets. This is especially true for cyber criminals who have been successful with infiltrating systems. Network security is now more sophisticated. IT personnel not only put safeguards up to defend against intruders; they now go on the attack when they discover an intruder in their midst. Maze runner Cymmetria performs this very task.

This specialized software provides various forms of attacks against intruders. When professional hackers and highly-skilled cyber criminals are detected the software instantly begins to track them down. It also sends out counter attacks against the intruders. This forces them to go on the defense. They now have to defend themselves from being shut down, exploited and/or being discovered.

Stealth is the Best Position to have in a Fight

When a military force attacks their enemies, it is to their advantage to fight from stealth. This is because it is extremely hard to defend against a hidden attacker. This premise is what makes Cymmetria’s software so effective. The reason why Maze Runner software can counter attack enemies has to do with deception.

The software creates many different types of fake pathways (or decoys) within a system that leads to dead ends. They also create the illusion that important information is available within these pathways. A cyber criminal would not be able to tell they are chasing “ghosts” inside of network. There are some sophisticated hackers who are smart enough to figure out that they are on a wild goose chase. However, even they will not be able to really exploit a system with Cymmetria’s technology.

The program knows how to divert, deceive and manipulate various attacks. Hackers that come in with brute force strategies or those who use who sneaky tactics will be neutralized. Cymmetria’s Maze Runner program is designed to take them all on. Whitepaper is another program by Cymmetria that provides high level computer security for organizations.

Once a fake pathway has been attacked the system will then counter attack and track down the culprits. If the invading criminals are not skilled enough to take on Cymmetria’s program, they will have to retreat, or risk being exposed. Even if they do fight back, the program could cause them considerable damage.

Computer networks for businesses, companies and industries should be outfitted with deception technology. This safeguard will ensure that their systems are protected against any type of intruder that works to steal valuable information or to completely disrupt their system. This software is a proven defense mechanism for various types of networks.

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