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Innovation, Branding, Co-creation and Rituals with Amati & Associates

Filiberto Amati
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Filiberto Amati

Filiberto Amati, the Founder of Amati & Associates, a group of Innovation Catalysts, Branding Architects and International Experts that works with a variety of multinational companies and top consumer products throughout the world joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Filiberto Amati discuss the following:

  • For the benefit of our listeners, please give us an overview about Amati & Associates.
  • Amati & Associates also conducts a thorough analysis of the branding rituals among consumers, with regard to a specific product or service. Why is it essential to understand the value and necessity of these rituals?
  • Brand laddering is another concept that Amati & Associates emphasizes, as a way to more comprehensively understand how and why certain products succeed or fail. Tell us more about this theory.
  • What are some practical examples from Amati & Associates, concerning clients or projects, where your efforts strengthened a brand’s identity, increased sales or had a positive impact overall.
  • What other advantages should businesses be aware of, as they seek the expertise of Amati & Associates?

Duration: 10:06

Filiberto is an hands-on leader and change manager, with nearly 15 years of International experience. He combines top-notch strategic skills with an eye for operational details, in which he does not mind getting involved.

Since 2007 Filiberto has been active in the Wines and Spirits industry, by working first for Gruppo Campari and then for ILLVA Saronno, which he joined as Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe. Beyond the European challenge he has been managing part of the Caribbean, the domestic and duty free Central American markets, the North American duty free market, as well as Canada and Mexico.

Prior to this experience he was in Amsterdam, where he worked as a consultant and freelance for Auberon – a boutique marketing innovation consulting. In this period has been staffed on a number of projects for global companies e.g., Phillips, Heineken, SS+K. In between Auberon and Campari he spent 6 months as Sr. Director of End User Innovation in Philips Consumer Electronics.

In 2003 he earned his MBA at IESE business school in Barcelona – which follows his Master in Engineering and Management from University Federico II in Naples, Italy – where he graduated in 1998 with honours. In 1999 the University Federico II awarded him with the Guido Dorso prize for his research in the field of southern Italy SME.

He is mother tongue Italian, and speaks fluent English, Spanish as well as good French. He is currently studying Polish and has lived in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles and – for shorter periods – in Mexico, USA and Montecarlo.

In January 2012 he relocated to Warsaw, Poland, where he currently lives with his wife and children.

Amati & Associates

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Twitter: @filibertoamati

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