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How to Gain Exposure for a Startup

Posted: September 20, 2017 at 2:01 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Your startup could be the best at what it does and the pinnacle of its niche market. Additionally, your offices might be filled with elite staff selling a product or service most could only dream of. Nevertheless, despite having the resources, the talent and the ambition, none of that matters if your new company has no exposure.

Consequently, your business needs to begin with a bang. After all, many simply become another number on a statistic charting false starts. Despite mainstream broadsheets attempting to pin the problem to product and performance alone, one of the largest contributing factors is simply a lack of outside awareness. Here are some ways that exposure can be achieved:

The Startup Identity

Building a profile for a startup can begin with the basics, during the pre-planning phase of any business venture. Ultimately, a smart logo and a slick slogan can go a long way in communicating a memorable company image in a matter of seconds. Additionally, set out to clearly define your startups unique objectives, ensuring it is not joining an overpacked niche in the market. After all, exposure can come through catchy mottos and iconic imagery, and thus a smart business identity can turn a few heads on its own.

Measured Marketing

Marketing as the best business in town from the outset is a flat out lie that no amount of publicity and promotion can set right. Put simply, you can’t go global if you haven’t first gone local. That said, you can thrive within those parameters, engaging with the community nearby. The work begins internally, a reputation of excellence eventually preceding the startup so that your promotion isn’t based on vague claims, but solid achievements. Consequently, establishing yourself in the local market through hard work will give credibility to your heightened exposure later down the line. After all, would you rather garner customer recommendations, or a generic ad placed alongside a thousand others?

Outsourced Advertising 

When it comes to advertisements, they must be effective and well placed. If your promotions begin popping up everywhere, it might amass a reputation for being more of a nuisance than a strategically placed reminder. However, professionals can work on suitable exposure as you focus on the day-to-day operations. Select online companies will even assist with leaflet campaigns and target audience reach, ultimately capitalising on that local business feel. Consequently, your exposure will encourage a friendly and respectable impression, ingrained into the local community with no extra effort on your part.

Search Engine Optimization

While becoming a credible face in the local community provides a solid foundation for exposure, it certainly has its ceiling. After all, high street stores old and new are shutting down throughout the UK, causing the brick and mortar business to vanish town by town.

Ultimately, online shopping is partially responsible for the high street failures, so establishment and profile in the digital world is vital. By utilising search engine optimization, your website and content can be tailored to reach the peak of search engine listings. Through a mixture of keywords, tags and categories, your exposure online has a stronger chance of increasing. Whether it’s hashtags on Twitter or the SEO of a blog, a startups presence online is key to exposing image and objectives among the masses.

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