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Handmade Ceramic Fountains For Cats: Health For Your Cat, Beauty For Your Home

Posted: June 9, 2018 at 1:29 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Keith Davitt, the Founder & Co-owner with his wife, Jackie Mckannay of Thirstycat Fountains that have been making ceramic, handmade fountains for cats since 2008 joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Keith Davitt discuss the following:

  1. So you make ceramic fountains for cats. Do cats need fountains?
  2. Are there other companies that make cat fountains?
  3. What makes yours different and if so, how do yours compare in pricing?
  4. Are cat fountains easy to set up and maintain?
  5. How long do they last?

Thirstycat Fountains was created in 2009 when Keith, previously a landscape designer, began making decorative ceramic fountains for the home. He found his cat, Bijou frequently using the fountains he’d placed around the house  and realized he nearly never saw Bijou using his water bowl. He wondered, is this a thing?

Cat fountains? A google search revealed cat fountains were indeed a thing with many commercial brands available. He learned that In the wild, cats crave moving water as still water is unsafe, and cats are still very much ‘in the wild’. Consequently cats don’t drink enough which gives rise to numerous serious ailments. But all the fountains he found in google searches were unattractive and made of plastic. In addition to mention of the carcinogenic properties of BPA in plastic, there were also many articles and posts about the harmfulness of plastic for cats’ food and water bowls because they become scratched. In those scratches bacteria grow and can cause chin acne and other ailments in cats.

Keith saw the need for a completely food safe, attractive cat fountain. After two years of research and experimentation finding the best components and developing designs to make set up and operation easy, Thirstycat Fountains was born.  Our goal is, was and will remain, to be the gold standard of cat fountains worldwide.

Thirstycat Fountains can be purchased from their website,, from their Etsy store; Thirstycat fountains and from Amazon Handmade where they were recently invited by Amazon to set up shop, as: Amazon Handmade – Ceramic Fountains For Cats & For For Beauty.

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