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Car leasing for employees in international businesses

Posted: October 20, 2017 at 10:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

With so many companies having a global presence these days, there are increased opportunities and a need for employees to work in different national locations, in other countries, and on other continents. Many people appreciate the chance to travel the world with their work, but companies who operate on a global scale have many issues to consider, not the least of which is local transport for members of staff. Employees working at an international office have to get from A to B to see clients and visit other business premises, and a convenient solution many companies adopt is to lease vehicles for their employees to use.

There are valid reasons why leasing cars for employees is a good idea. It is extremely important that a positive impression is created with clients, customers and associates, and the type of car driven by an employee while at work can influence the perception of the company by others. A prestigious car can make a big difference because it conveys a positive impression to potential clients that a company is in good shape financially, and its corporate image should matter to every company. Every influencing factor is important and using the right type, and quality of vehicle is crucial. Driving a desirable car will also positively affect the mindset and boost the confidence of the employee.

Providing a vehicle for employees saves time and money

Providing international employees with a vehicle helps to save time and boosts their efficiency. Relying on public transport or having to arrange travel for every journey is somewhat unprofessional, time-consuming and tiring, which means that the employee is unable to work at his or her best.

Things to consider when looking for a business vehicle:

  • What budget is available?
  • What image and identity does the firm wish to create?
  • Are there local customs or culture that will affect the choice of car?
  • How often will the vehicle be used and what mileage will it need to cover?

There are many places in the world where international businesses engage and interact on a daily basis, and where car leasing or buying deals are negotiated so that senior staff members have a suitable means of transport. An American company may have strong connections with the European market and will have employees working in London, Dublin, Paris, Munich or Madrid. Many large international firms also operate in Canada, with Toronto being a popular location for high-level businesses. Some companies have links to emerging markets like the Middle East, and again, it would be sensible to arrange for a vehicle to be available for employees as opposed to leaving them to use public transport.

It is necessary to be mindful of the culture and customs of a country, and this should be reflected in the choice of car. In some countries, it is crucial to indicate prestige by having a stylish and powerful car, but there are also areas where modesty is preferred, which means a smaller or more environmentally friendly vehicle would project a better image for the company.

Local solutions are best when it comes to sourcing cars for international employees

It is best to arrange the purchase or leasing of vehicles at a local level, as this will ensure the car is suitable; perhaps a 4 x 4 might be needed in an area subject to harsh winter driving conditions as experienced in Ontario. Advice from the local dealer will be invaluable.

An alternative to leasing is to purchase the vehicle(s) required so it may be that arranging finance through a car loan in Toronto is the sensible option for an international company having to provide employees with a vehicle during their time in Canada.

If the company has business premises in a location such as Toronto, the responsibility for obtaining car finance would rest with the local office, which means it would have complete control over the use of the vehicle. It could then be managed to the best advantage to ensure that the maximum benefits of ownership were realized.

Having access to a car makes life easier for international business employees, and it also helps them work more efficiently and effectively. There are many ways to arrange the purchase of a vehicle and firms should consider whether leasing or buying is the best solution for their needs. That will differ from firm to firm but whichever method is preferred having high-quality vehicles for employees to use is efficient and enhances the public image of a company.

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