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Benefits of writing by hand

Posted: February 14, 2018 at 12:12 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Writing by hand is something that is increasingly being replaced by new technologies. The speed, ease of correction and other resources are modifying everything that entails writing. We almost no longer use letters, now it’s email. The students no longer do jobs by hand, they use the computer even they can use different tools but i learnt how to write informal essay via this site –

This situation that tackles us progressively makes us wonder if there is any difference between writing by hand or typing. Why do we express ourselves better or are we relieved when we write by hand? Do our ideas get organized better? Why write a diary by hand?

The most effective way to retain information or study is to write your notes by hand. When we write we use our hand, we hold the instrument with which we write and we think about the letters we sign.

This process stimulates a part of the brain called the Reticular Activation System. This system acts as a filter for what the brain needs to process, giving more importance to the things we are actively concentrating on. For example, the act of writing is something that puts this in the foreground.

It is obvious that new technologies allow us to be “multitasking”. At the same time we write we can be listening to music, be alert to a chat or social networks. We know to be focused on one thing without forgetting to pay attention to others. When we write by hand this does not happen, we need all our concentration in the act of writing. In fact, it is almost a requirement.

Keeps the brain active

Handwriting benefits us in our aging process. It is a training. Why? Because it involves your motor skills, memory … In addition, it is a good mental exercise for those who want to maintain a sharp mind as they get older. Being an excellent gymnastics for our brain we exercise our visual, motor and mental abilities. With this, we can achieve that our intelligence is enhanced. In short, writing by hand can make us smarter.

What do we lose if we stop writing by hand?

To begin with, if we leave handwriting aside, we will lose the ability to write legibly. That which we are so demanding in education about work and exams with a clean and neat writing. Neat writing indicates our intelligence and our knowledge as well.

We can think that if everything goes forward and we start doing everything with technology it will not be necessary. Yes it will. As much as we advance in that aspect, there will always be times when we will have to use the other writing system, the manual. And this is where we will notice our shortcomings.

Doodles by handwriting

In addition, handwriting reflects our personality. There is the study of graphology, which allows us to discover our personality and character even how we feel, because we do not always write the same.

If writing is not developed it will take longer to learn to read. Why does this happen? When we write by hand we develop a greater capacity to generate new ideas and retain information. By not writing manually, we lose this capacity for development and, consequently, our reader learning process will be delayed.

On many occasions, writing can be used as a solution to a problem. For example, people who have difficulty shaping letters or those who suffer from dyslexia. Especially for dyslexia is very important, because although the writing is a bit indifferent, it is true that reading is very important.

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