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Benefits For Having ITIL Certificate

Posted: April 8, 2017 at 11:31 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

Information technology has a number of advanced features and also increasing many features day by day. Now, the time has come all job seekers and professional person stay updated with the latest advancements in technology. Bundle of practices for an IT service management is ITIL whose focus is to combine IT service and its features with business needs. ITIL is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which describes, specifies, procedures, processes and tasks which are not organisation based but will be combined with organisation to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission.  Many of the times, ITIL is used to measure the improvement of the organisation.

ITIL has five volumes and everyone should have knowledge about this. Every volume has a different function for organisation and all five creates a best organization structure. Five volumes of ITIL are:

  • ITIL Service Strategy
  • ITIL Service Design
  • ITIL Service Transition
  • ITIL Service Operation
  • ITIL Continual Service Improvement

It is mandatory for professionals to have ITIL Foundation Certification Training. ITIL foundation is the entry level for ITIL that will give you an idea about terminology, concepts and key elements of ITIL lifecycle.

Who can apply for ITIL certification training?

Not everyone can understand the concepts of ITIL and some specific people apply for this.

  • People who have an interest to know about ITIL and its framework
  • Those who want to understand that how ITIL cam use for enhancing IT service management within the organization
  • IT professionals, who are currently in an organization and adopted ITIL and need to be informed for improvement for ongoing service.

Benefits of ITIL certification in an organisation:

ITIL is a course that an organisation may also arrange for its employees. One of the main reason for having this course knowledge is that organisation will have a number of benefits which are given below:

  • Production will increase at a fast rate
  • The customer will satisfy as professional approach
  • Employees will understand how they can use their skills and experience
  • Much better Return Over Investment (ROI) in information technology
  • Resources will be used in a better and efficient way that service cost will be reduced
  • No redundancy will be at work which is conducted
  • Use third party services in better way with availability of skills and expertise
  • Find out weak areas and concentrating on it to find out their solution
  • Staff retention will increase
  • Will provide longer life to IT assets and cost
  • Number of professionals will increase who have IITL certification, then the organisation will save more money on training and L&D costs.

Job opportunities with ITIL certificate:

Do not take stress about that you will get growing and better job opportunities after completing ITIL certification. The Even chance of getting your desired job will increase when you add a line in your resume that you have ITIL certificate. There may be chance that you may get manager post in an organisation whose responsibility is to combine IT knowledge with business needs. Many IT companies are looking for such employees who have this certification so that their business may grow.

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    Can you please share the ITIL Certification Path & Process