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4 Tips To Keep In Mind When Deciding Your Business Trademark

Posted: October 11, 2017 at 6:24 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The trademark is one of the most important identities of your business, whether it be your logo, brand name or anything else. As such, it should be normal to spend some quality time looking into various factors in order to come up with a truly impactful and memorable trademark. And to help you with deciding what to trademark, and what to do when looking to file a trademark, we have come up with four helpful tips.

Be Unique

You should make sure that your trademark is unique and separates your business from other trademarks. While one disadvantage of not having a unique trademark is that your application will be rejected instantly, there are other long term negative effects of having a trademark that looks similar to other establishments. Not having a unique trademark makes your identity get mistaken with other businesses. So, customers who have a negative experience with another business might be confused into thinking that using the product/service from your business too will result in a negative experience. But having a truly unique trademark that no others can copy will avoid all such problems.

Represent Your Brand

Remember that your trademark will be perceived by people as representing the beliefs and attitude of the business. So, make sure that you have a great trademark that accurately represents what your company is. At the very least, never have a trademark that gives off the opposite vibe of what your business stands for. That is a recipe for disaster. For example, if your business is engaged in sportswear for the younger generation, then the trademark logo must be something edgy, giving off a sense of excitement. However, if you use a logo which looks too formal and standard as your trademark, you are essentially presenting yourself wrongly to your target market.

Acquire An Existing Trademark

Suppose that you have a great idea for a name, do a trademark search online, and then see that it is already trademarked. What do you do? The normal reaction might be to look for some other name to use as your trademark. But before you do this, remember to check if you can acquire the trademark from its existing owner. If the trademark is being used by a business which is nearing closure, or not running too well, you have a good chance of acquiring it if you make a good offer.

Get The Domain

This is something that many businesses fail to look at initially. We are living in the age of the internet. As such, it is inevitable that your business will require an online presence. And one online identity you need to create is the domain name of your business. Ideally, the domain name should reflect your trademark name. So, if you have taken a trademark on your brand name X2BC, then your domain should also be something like  But if that domain is already taken, then you may be forced to use other domain names like, and such. To avoid such situations, book the domain name at the time of registering the trademark itself.

Author’s Bio: This article is written by Marian Tate. She is an independent writer,blogger and music enthusiast. She likes to work with Outreach Experts like and help businesses enhance their web content and quality.

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